Types Of Xray

X-ray is a medical procedure that uses a category of different radioactivity. It is used to determine defects or malformation in our body. Going under this kind of test is not painful; you can_ feel anything while undergoing x-rays. It is a great help for you to be able to know your health problems ahead of time.

Now there are different types of x-ray. There is the bone x-ray; it can distinguish bone fractures or even tumors. Bone x-rays can generate different images from the hand, the elbow and any kind of bone in the part of your body.

The next type of x-ray is the teeth x-ray. You can already tell what it does from the name itself, it checks your dental health and determines whether you have a decayed tooth. The teeth x-ray will also verify if you have cancerous form or abnormalities inside your mouth.

The chest x-ray is the most common type of x-ray. It is the main test you undergo if you are suffering from tuberculosis or asthma. It will also find out disease in your lung like tuberculosis or even lung cancer. There is also a test for the breast using the special type of x-ray known as _ammography_ It can detect if you have breast cancer, abnormally outsized heart, and malfunctions of the heart and can also ascertain if your blood vessels work properly and normally. This type of x-ray is also used by medical doctors to check your bone stability before a patient undergoes a surgery. Doctors also used this x-ray to help determine if a surgery or an operation is successfully done. Chest x-rays are performed not once but depends on your health condition, doctors may repeat the procedure to monitor the changes and improvements in your body. Then again, you certainly don_ have to be annoyed with these procedures. You will only stand and feel the cold plate in your chest, that_ all.

The abdomen x-ray is used to check your digestive system, including your stomach especially the digestive organs who are the main workers for your happy and comfortable tummy. It can tract your abnormal digestion. If you are suffering from day-to-day stomachache, nausea, vomiting and other uncomfortable activity inside your belly, this kind of x-ray will determine it. You can also have your lower back checked if you are having discomfort in that part, whether it_ just a lower back pain or a serious spine injury. If you accidentally swallowed something which is not only common to children but also to adults who, sometimes, cannot pay attention to what they are putting in their mouth, this x-ray will also help.

If you are experiencing all the sickness and symptoms that have been mentioned above, don_ hesitate and take a series of x-ray (depends on your different body pain), to make sure and to be vigilant so that it won_ lead to a very serious matter and hopefully can be cured at an early stage. Experiencing a simple pain in your body might be not as simple as what you think it is. Always remember that prevention is better than cure.