Types Of Xenomorphs

Xenomorphs, proudly remembered as ‘aliens’ are imaginary, deadly larva secretors, space inhabitants that are assumed to be more fictional characters like one never seen before and are imagined to be the residents of space, have diverse way of living, amusing eating habits and travel via space ships having some sort of terrible and dreadful appearance, as per our ancestors narrations but what really Xenomorphs are? This article will uncover some of the interesting facts about this creature elaborating about their emergence and diverse categories. Differing with many other imaginary creatures, Xenomorphs are the species that are only concerned with the proliferation of their generation and eliminating any existence that could threat their presence lacking any sort of hi-tech advancement.

Types of Xenomorphs:

Xenomorph is a Greek word in origin that is a combination of two words: ‘Xeno’ (unfamiliar person) and ‘morph’ communicating (appearance). The biological life of aliens is still mysterious surrounded by thousands of inquisitive questions pinpointing their origin but an interesting fact is that they show a very high level of socialization and have comprises of merely one female queen that give births to prosper this species. Types of Xenomorphs differ on the basis of their morphology; socialization and acquisition of host characters. Some of the most prominent types of Xenomorphs are described in this article as follows:


This type of Xenomorph is found in variety and is largest in number with the core function to carve out host bodies for mating. They attack their prey through their salivation and make them paralyze. Additionally, they also build home foe the mating queen and lies under the lowest level in the entire caste system of Xenomorphs.

Soldier (Warrior)

As the name suggests, this type of Xenomorph serves as a combatant protector for its society while the rest of the aliens serves as defenders under him, apparently very huge, these Xenomorphs are differentiated on the basis of their foreheads which are somewhat tough skeletal structure. They are undoubtedly intellectual and vary by their prominent colors.

Queen Head

This type of Xenomorph acquires the most prominent leading place in the entire xenomorphic family as she serves as the mother by having an egg pack and is recognized as the most intellectual figure. When the ‘Queen’ senses hazard and desires to battle, it has the capability to separate that particular egg bowl from her in order to make more mobile movement. Apparently, ‘Queen’ is physically enormous than the rest of the other types of Xenomorphs, with a big peak on the reverse of the skull, and dual arms.


Like every empress needs some guards for protection, Xenomorphs also cover this function by serving as protectors of the ‘Queen’. These types of Xenomorphs are known as ‘Praetorian’. They are amongst the major and most influential Xenomorph. Their most peculiar feature is the presence of a huge skull that enables it to become most physically most powerful and usually serves it for attacking its victim.


These Xenomorphs are the smallest amongst all and the fastest due to their small size .their Core function is to serve as a scout for their home as they can run faster. They are acid containing aliens and continue to inject it in the body of their prey until it dies. It is the only Xenomorph with complete physical maturation that only requires little growth and is brownish in color. They are generally not stronger enough and are rare comparatively.


The Pred-Alien is shaped when a Xenomorph is inserted inside within hunted victim this alien resembles typical Xenomorphs but possess hairy structure it has the capability to inject Xenomorphs within the host of the other species, if the host has the ability to reproduce than this Xenomorph can breed up to more than 3 generation.

New born

This is the newest specie of Xenomorph that perfectly mixes the human hereditary material and an alien in highly sophisticated, hazardous deadly equipment. It comprises of less harsh derma, unlike the rigid structure of other Xenomorphs. It shows more huge size and a head like peaked face, lacking tail. Though, its jaws are pointed enough to go in fillet, and it has unbelievable power, and most influential. More interestingly, it exhibits some emotional sense in it not present in any of the types discussed above.

In a nut shell, like all the other species, Xenomorphs exhibit a wide diversification among them and are more social as other species do and differs dominantly by different features.