Types Of Xanax

Xanax originally named as alprazolam is a type of drug use to treat problems like anxiety and panic disorder. It belongs to the family of benzodiazepines which major usage is to lower down the level of abnormal brain excitement also referred as anxiety. There is different usage, dose and types of Xanax which are prescribed by physicians according to the level of disorder in man. It is also used some time to treat depression, premenstrual syndrome and agoraphobia. Xanax is a fast acting medicine which starts working within the first hour of intake, in some case it takes around 90 minutes to give relief against the panic disorder.

There are several types of Xanax including regular tablets, extended release tablet and orally disintegrating tablets. These come in various forms and under different brand names. This type of drug is only available if prescribed by some doctor. It has much adverse effect too that is why it shouldn’t be continued for a longer period of time. It can become a habit too which can be dangerous of mental health. Physicians usually recommend low dosage of Xanax later they increase the dose after monitoring the reaction on the person’s body. Sudden stoppage of Xanax can also be dangerous, doctor gives you a correct guideline on how to use and stop the medicine. Sudden stoppage can cause headache, loss of sight, blurriness, sensitivity to light, sweating, insomnia and loss of concentration.

The different types of Xanax can also be classified on the basis of dosage which includes 0.25mg, 0.5mg and 1mg. These types of Xanax have been discussed in detail further.


0.25 mg of Xanax is considered as least dose of this medicine. It is a small white tablet embossed with Upjohn 29; this is an indication of 0.25mg tablet. The nonmedical elements present in this small tablet includes cornstarch, docusate sodium, lactose, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.


0.5 mg of Xanax is a mild dosage to treat the patient of depression and anxiety. It is a peach tablet embossed with Upjohn 55 which is an indication of 0.5mg tablet. The nonmedical ingredients in this tablet include docusate sodium, lactose, cornstarch, food color yellow no.6, microcrystalline cellulose and silicon dioxide.


This type of Xanax is of very high dose to lower down the excitement level in the brain. It is lavender tablet embossed with Upjohn 90 which is use to differentiate it from other type of Xanax. The nonmedical ingredients used in this tablet are cornstarch, docusate, food color blue no.2, lactose, magnesium stearate, erythrosine sodium, microcrystalline cellulose and silicon dioxide.

The dosage of Xanax usually starts from 0.25mg later increased to 1mg if needed. Many factors affect the dosage of Xanax including body weight and other medicines if you are taking to treat other diseases. It is important to know that this medicine shouldn’t be recommended to other even if he is having the same symptoms as yours. Proper check-up and doctor prescription is the need to take this medicine. While completing the course of Xanax if you missed any dose in between skip that, don’t try to take a double dose to cover the missed one.