Types Of Writing With Examples

Numerous types of writing with examples exist across the globe. Writing is carried out for different purposes and for different audiences. It is necessary to understand the applicable style for a specific purpose in order to reach out to targeted audience. Provided below is a list of different styles of writing.

1. Factual description

It uses available facts to describe about an object or a place. Factual description types of writing with examples are helpful for people who wish to offer information based on facts.

For example, description about landscape, monuments and a specific place.

2. Factional recount

This specific style provides information related to the events of circumstances that have already happened in a timely fashion. This specific style uses a background information on the 3 W – who, when and where.

Example: a detailed report related to historical event.

3. Information report

Information report types of writing with examples include a detailed pacification about information related to specific phenomena, an object, animal or a specific human being. It begins with a general classification and ends with the concluding comment. Individuals targeting a specific audience to provide information would utilize the specific style that makes it easy for them to capture the attention of audience.

Example: an information report explaining facts about whales.

4. Procedure

This specific style is useful for people who wish to provide instructions on carrying out a specific set of action. The main aim of the style is to impart complete knowledge to an individual related to a specific action. This includes the list of materials required, their quantity, the steps in which they should add the materials and the preparation.

Example: an instruction booklet containing installation and instructions related to the use of microwave oven.

5. Explanation

Explanation falls under factual texts that provides information or explains about a procedure. This is based on information and makes it easy for the reader to understand why a specific phenomenon occurs for a specific action. The article starts with the topic and continues by relating items present in the topic. It is often ended with the concluding statement.

Example: labelled diagrams, flow charts and the life cycle of a butterfly.

6. Exposition

Of the other types of writing with examples, exposition is very useful for researchers. The specific style is very helpful for individuals who wish to commence their team members or provide information about a specific point or view related to an action to higher authorities. It begins with the point of view on the topic and eventually lists the argument points and evidence for the same. It is necessary to use convincing language as it forms an integral part of exposition.

Example: a team’s argument at a debate.

7. Review

These specific types of writing with examples make it easy for an individual to provide a summary for a specific assumption. This specific style is very helpful for people who wish to provide an outline to a specific action.

Example: a review article on a movie, play and book.