Types Of Writing Task 2

When it comes to writing task 2 it refers to certain types of questions asked of IELTS students. These types of writing tasks allow you to organize your thoughts so that you can answer questions in a particular order and way that would befit the way the examiner would want you to do so. There are 3 types of writing task 2 and the first of these is ‘Agree or disagree?’. Here the person handling the task has to either agree or disagree with certain sentences or statements that are out forth to him. In the first line of the answer to such a question explain the topic that is put forth to you so that the reader knows that you can comprehend and do understand what it is that he is asking of you. Then, in the next paragraph you could explain the topic in more detail. Ensure that the first paragraph is short, direct and more of an introduction. In the next paragraph the writer is to explain the topic in more detail to show the examiner or reader that he does know what he is talking about and that he knows both sides

of the topic/subject matter well enough. This is one the main types of writing task 2. In the end the writer explains his own point and explains why he agrees or disagrees with the question given to him in the form of a topic.

The next of the types of writing task 2 requires the person taking the exam to give solutions and suggestions in regards to a certain topic. An example of such a question may be ‘The crime rate in third world countries is more now than it was 10 years ago. Give some possible reasons for this and also suggest how this can be fixed’. The way that this sort of a question would be answered is very different from how the first of the various types of writing task 2 questions will be answered. The body would be different too because here the person would have to explain more than the topic- he would also have to give suggestions on how to rectify the situation and explain the solutions while doing this.

The third of the various types of writing task 2 requires that the person taking the test or exam discusses more than one point of view and then, gives his own opinion on the matter. He would have to answer while taking the two views into account and while giving his own opinion as well. An example of this would be as follows: ‘Some people say that video games are unhealthy and could ruin a child’s eyesight while other say that video games are beneficial because they help simulate a child’s mind. Discuss both point of views and give your own opinion too’.

The person answering the question would be required to answer the question in a manner where both views are taken into account and he would have to address all views equally.