Types Of Writing Styles In English

There are so many types of writing styles in English and these are all used for different reasons by different people and even organizations. Every one of these has their own advantages. Usually teachers teach different types of writing styles in English to students as well so that they can understand these and would be able to address different questions in examinations, quizzes and tests and so that they can tell the difference between these types of writing styles in English. Different types of writing styles are important for different purposes and that is why these are taught to teachers. Generally there are many kinds of writings styles.

The first of the types of writing styles in English is descriptive writing. A certain person, event, object or such like is made the topic where such writing is concerned and the student is to use descriptive words, metaphors, similes and phrases to describe these. The main focus is upon description and not upon conversation. A classic example of such writing can be found in Oscar Wilde’s ‘Picture of Dorian Gray’ where the author focuses more on the description of the characters and the way they thought than he did on conversation.

The second of the types of writing styles in English is narrative writing. In narrative writing the focus is mainly upon narration of incidents and the writer explains what happened, how it happened and why it happened to readers. It is more of a review than anything else. Though conversation isn’t an integral part of such writing styles but it does help solidify the content and explain things better. Have you ever flipped on a news channel and seen the newscaster explain a series of events about what happened, where and why? That is narration. It’s the same thing- except you would be writing words rather than speaking them.

Then there is review writing which is one of those types of writing styles in English where the writer merely explains his or her point of view to the reader via writing. The writer explains his views and opinions to the reader so that the reader is able to gather insight into what the writer thinks or why he thinks what he thinks and this allows others to get a new take on understanding a certain topic, subject or event of the sort. Again, conversation is not an integral part of these types of writing styles in English.

Report writing is also one of the many types of writing styles in English but these are usually taught at more senior levels in college. A report is similar to a review or a narration though it is much more formal. Facts, figures, findings and statistics are used to explain the subject matter. You must have heard of ‘financial reports’ or ‘report cards’- these usually refer to the performance of a company or a student. Facts, findings and statistics are used to substantiate what is being written and thus to make the report.