Types Of Writing Report

A report is a document intended to serve several social, science, and engineering purposes. There are different types of writing report which are written based on the need it is intended to meet. A good report needs to have a touch of professionalism and the writer must have a solid knowledge of the subject matter. The following are the types of writing report:

* Science Report Writing

* Business Report Writing

* Research Report Writing

Science Report Writing

These types of writing reports are intended to provide empirical investigation and uses scientific report format for addressing issues. The science report is usually required inn undergraduate science disciplines with the main objective being to analyze subjects and provide conclusions based on the analyzed subjects. It deals with advanced research and the researcher’s opinion on the subject matter being addressed. It is very important when providing these types of writing reports to use subheadings and headings for proper guidance of the reader through the work. The report can be presented in form of graphs and tables while statistical data should be attached at the last pages of the report.

Research Report: These types of writing report are primarily conducted for academic purposes. When writing this type of report, you need to ponder over content, organization, and clarity. Research report are closely related to scientific papers, formal reports, lab reports, and technical reports which are comprised of consistent formats and making the information to be crystal clear.

Business report: This is strictly for business purposes and it is predominantly used to pass information in the business world. A perfect example of types of writing report is an executive summary, which is written in a more non-technical manner. For a business report, the audience should be taken into consideration since some of the audience will also include upper level managers. The most basic thing to include in a business report is the scope of the research and the problem that needs to be addressed.

There are other ways of classifying the different types of writing report, which includes feasibility report, formal report, and informal report.

The main idea behind the informal report is to analyze and recommend ideas for later use. It is generally written like a letter, a memo, or a document such as a development report, an activity report, or a monthly financial report. These types of writing report are quite different from the normal forma report in terms of formality and length. It doesn’t follow a particular chronological order as it is written according to the specific requirements of the report. It is usually intended to address certain issues within a narrow readership.

There are different types of the informal report

Credit report

Literature review

Feasibility report

Financial report

Personnel evaluation

Sales activity report

Progress report

Formal Report

The formal report is more complex than the informal report and requires the adherence of a chronological writing order. It is usually written for a big project and for a wider audience. Such examples include annual report, result of an experiment or a study, advice on the launch of a new product line, and reports on the development of new technologies.