Types Of Writing References

When it comes to writing about something for a thesis, sometimes a project, or anything that is related to research, it is a given that you would be checking out other works that are similar and/or have anything to do with the topic that you are assigned. To claim or state or imply that the work is our own would be considered plagiarism though and that is when we refer to these and make them sound like they are our own, we are taking credit for their work. There are different types of writing references for all sorts of references of the sort.

One of the various types of writing reference is the bibliography. A bibliography is a compilation of all the works that you have referred to. Where your research topic is concerned making a bibliography is important because this allows readers to refer to the same material that you did or do in order to verify how useful they are and whether or not they are valid. Plus these types of writing references show that you are not taking credit for another’s work.

These types of writing references are important when it comes to thesis in schools or even at PhD levels because it helps in substantiating what you have looked up, gives it weight and it helps in showing that you have referred to authoritative work that can be relied upon.

Where these types of writing references are concerned, the book, page number, chapter, author or online website must be included. There are different formats when it comes to citing your work. Some universities have their own writing formats (such as Harvard) while others follow standard formats such as APA and such like.

Another of the various types of writing references is those that are included in the index. Indexes are usually included at the end of a book written by an author. Books that are written after a lot of research is carried out have indexes at the back. These show that the author’s work isn’t entirely his own. Another purpose of these types of writing reference is that it allows the writer to substantiate what he is saying just as the bibliography does. So, when someone reads the book they will know that the writer has included reliable material because someone else has also written on the same topic and that they can read that material, too, in order to validate the writer’s work. That way they can refer to other works by the writer, if the need to do so is felt.

There are different types of writing references but the bibliography and the indexes are the two most common of these. Look at any book or article and you would find these. Even if you research online you would find that different sites have cited different authors and websites that talk about the same matters and subject or topic or these are usually related to the content displayed on the website in some way or the other. It also helps them avoid a situation where they could be blamed to have breached copyrights laws and such like.