Types Of Writing Organization

Knowing the various types of writing organization is helpful for both the readers and the writers. It would help a reader to understand a long and dense text by breaking it into its structural parts and hence understanding the development of the argument. It would also help the writer to write her/his work by choosing the most appropriate one out of the different types of writing organization.

Given below are the most important and frequently used types of writing organization:

Chronological organization

This organization of a written text is one of the easiest of all the types of writing organization. This organization is when the events described are written in order of their occurrence. It is a method which sticks to temporal linearity. This type of writing organization is most commonly used in histories, and biographies and autobiographies of people. One may also employ this method when describing a certain event or process, or when writing essays on summer vacations.

Logical organization

Following a logical organization is crucial when writing a comparison essay or an argumentative essay. In both these cases, the types of writing organization have to be planned in a way so that the arguments lead in a certain direction towards resolution. The outline of the content has to be kept in mind while writing it. In case of a comparison essay, it is necessary to first of all find all possible similarities in the two topics. After similarities, all differences need to be listed. The combination of the two will give the introductory sentence which would reflect the overall assessment of the comparison. The rest of the body would constitute the similarities followed by differences. The essay will end with a summation that would be the conclusion.

When writing an argumentative essay, the most suitable writing organization is one which builds up the chief arguments with the support of evidences. A good argumentative essay considers both sides of a topic and then takes a stand while giving evidences to support the stand. The introductory paragraph should give a brief explanation and background of the topic, followed by your stand on it. The body would contain the most important part where after putting forth the strongest counter-arguments, you put forth your own strongest points. The latter part may be of any length according to how long you wish your work to be. The conclusion is a restatement about how and why your side of the argument is the more sensible and plausible one.

Spatial organization

This type of writing organization serves when an essay has to describe a physical location or has to give directions to it. Apart from directions and description, this writing organization is also used in layout descriptions or anatomy essays.

Functional organization

How-to essays and step-by-step essays have these types of writing organization. Recipes also make use of this writing organization. When writing in this pattern, one needs to create a rough list of all required equipment and items, while preparing a rough step-by-step procedure. Once the draft contains all possible steps, the final one can be written in either points or paragraphs after the required items are listed.