Types Of Writing In The Bible

If you’ve ever have the opportunity to read a Bible, you will notice that God has used different types of writing in the bible to spread his Word among us. The only reason why there are different types of writing the Bible is because some styles used to convey messages better than the others.

It’s very important to unfold or interpret the Scripture according to the different types of writing in the bible so that we get a better understanding of what is being said. Also, the literary styles vary within the book which is imperative to understand and not just look at it as a historical narrative.

Here are the different types of writing in the bible:

* Epistle – these are personal communications written to a particular person or party. They were written to a particular individual or a particular church and often disguises on several topics. These letters are generally written on areas that are highly familiar and popular or it addresses a problem and generally holds a tone of authority.

* Genealogical – these are record ordered list that states of family heredity. The list covers several generations, showing their descendents over the centuries of time. This is a very important historical record to prove the importance of a person.

* Historical – these are actual historical facts that state the happenings of a particular time and place along with the people, nation and the events involved. The writer of these narratives have not made any personal judgments on the events happened. It is a mere record of what had actually occurred including any miracles, healings, theft or murder.

* Law – most of the first five books of the Bible has law stated in it. The Old Testament records a lot of laws that shows what God wants from his people. Although most of these laws are not applicable anymore, the still throw light on the nature of God and help us to understand the behavior pattern of people at that time.

* Parable -this is one of the most unique ways of communicating different stories and is used to explain a point to people. Jesus used a lot of parables in his Gospels to teach people about morality and explain the good and the bad. These types of writing in the bible hold a message in them and are generally designed to help people understand a particular point.

* Poetry – some of the best poetry even today is found in the Bible and is one of the most appreciated types of writing in the bible. The Old Testament in particular is written entirely in poetry. Although Hebrew writing does not have any rhyming structure, but when it is translated into English it brings in a unique touch. Poetry was one of the most significant types of writing in the bible.

* Prophecy – as the name claims, a prophecy is still for warn people of the danger that is coming. Almost every part of the Bible has a prophecy and is considered to be valued types of writing in the bible.