Types Of Writing Hooks

Types of writing hooks make it possible for a writer to catch the attention of the reader right from the beginning. This is essential and makes it easy for a reader to go through the entire content with ease. Continue to read ahead as we provide information related to the classical and the best writing hooks that make it easy for a writer to grab the attention of the reader.

1. Beginning with a metaphor

The first types of writing hooks are beginning the content with a metaphor. For example, ‘my life has been a carnival.’ Starting with such a metaphor makes it easy for a writer to provide information related to the assumptions based on facts to the reader. Such a metaphor is also the reason behind creating the enthusiasm for a reader to continue reading ahead.

2. Beginning with a question

Beginning the content with the question is one among the different types of writing hooks available for a writer. For example, ‘who is the greatest athlete of all times?’ Such a hook is an attention-grabbing sentence that makes the reader goes through the information present behind it.

3. Beginning with a definition

Beginning the content with a definition is other types of writing hooks that makes it easy for a writer to portray to the reader in the required manner. For example, ‘I am friendly and caring.’ It is very helpful for a writer who wishes to use the first person style in writing. This makes it easy for the reader to understand and adapt the content to self and surroundings.

4. Beginning with a quotation

Beginning the content or a paragraph with a simple quotation makes it easy for a reader to grasp the humor behind it. For example, ‘learn to laugh’. A good chance you helpful in attracting the attention of the reader. Creating humor in the content is necessary to ensure that a reader continues to read until the end.

5. Beginning the content with comparison

There is a possibility for a writer to start the content with comparison to well-known celebrity or individual. Comparison makes it easy for the reader to get a clear picture or an imagination of the character to which the author is referring to in the content.

6. Beginning with future sentence

The author can place him or herself in the future and start the content for the targeted audience. The reader would imagine the future based upon the content. This is a great way to create enthusiasm and excitement in a reader as they are in a position to visualise an imagination of the future according to the viewpoint of the author.

7. Beginning with a scene

There is a possibility for the right to opt for beginning the content with description about a scene. Beginning with scene types of writing hooks is very helpful in capturing the attention of the reader. Such a style is helpful for an author who wishes to portray fictitious content. For example, ‘the day of my birth began with a hurricane in Charleston, South Carolina.’