Types Of Writing Genres For Kids

If you kid wants you to do a writing assignment for him the first thing you would want to probably know is the topic. More importantly, you will be wondering how to phrase your sentences because at the end of the day it is for kids and you need to write it in a way that they understand.

So what are the types of writing genres for kids anyway?

There are basically four types of writing genres for kids and all of them are used in different ways, so that kids understand them better. Here we have listed these four types so that you can understand the kind of language kids understand.

Narrative – this is one of the types of writing genres for kids and is usually implemented while telling a story. Although, a narrative style of writing is generally not commonly used when your child has to write a personal essay, but can be implemented in writing a fictional story. This type of narration is also used in plays and pot narration. You can encourage your child to use this type of writing style if he is intending to write a story for this collection on his next assignment. Narrative typically uses first-person (‘I) in the storytelling.

Descriptive – this is another type counted among the various types of writing genres for kids. This type of writing style is usually used to create a gender idea, person or plan. It is like painting with words and making an imaginative picture in the mind of others. They focus on explaining a particular subject that specify details. For example, if your child is asked to write about his favorite toy, his writing will not only list the name of the toy but would also explain the way it looks, functions and other details.

Expository – this is very to-the-point writing style that is generally used for factual information. This writing style is usually used for definitions, directions, basic instructions and ratifications. This writing does not have any kind of opinion or detail in its description.

Persuasive – this is considered as one of the most sophisticated types of writing genres for kids. This type of writing is generally introduced from the fourth grade so that it can be easily understood. Persuasive writing style brings a debate inside the writing. The basic idea of this type of site is to express an opening in order make a stand about a particular topic. This kind of writing is generally seen in essays, since it carries an explanation or a viewpoint of the right to using status takes or facts to prove a point.

The above are the four types of writing genres for kids which is used in almost every child’s book. Walk into any children’s library and you will find examples of the same because these writing styles have been implemented for children so that they can understand better and follow instructions. Moreover, the above for writing styles contribute greatly to a child’s grasping capability.