Types Of Writing Examples

There are numerous types of writing examples because of the fact that there are so many types of writing in the first place. Writing has and always was used in order to express oneself but it gradually evolved into something allowed people to do a lot more than just express themselves and today it has become one of the most powerful tools in media, journalism and in the world. Types of writing examples are inclusive of this that are taught at high school, those that are taught at university and those that one has the inner knack to do on his or her own.

One of the most express types of writing examples includes, what is known as, argumentative writing and in such types of writing examples the writer is to give his opinion on a topic or subject matter and this is to be shared with others. Think of it as you would of a debate- one party supports an approach, the other does not and both are to convey their beliefs to the general public that sides with either party according to their convincing power and their logic. You will frequently come across this online- in various channels and such like.

Another of the many types of writing examples is persuasive writing. This may be very similar to argumentative writing, by the sound of it, but it really is not. See, in argumentative writing you debate with another’s point of view and that is about it. In persuasive writing facts, figures, examples and statistics are commonly used to explain your point to another person or body. Persuasive writing basically requires you to pull in the reader to your side but on the basis of logic and facts- not arguments with the opposite side or those with opposing views.

Perhaps the most influential of all types of writing examples, and one of the most expensive ones, is speech writing. You know how presidents and ministers come on stage or a podium and read from a piece of paper? Well, these guys are actually reading what they are saying from a piece of paper written by someone else. Some of these political figures memorize the speech, written by someone else, a few days before a press conference and research on the topic (or are made aware of the kind of questions to be asked) and they answer certain questions accordingly.

Essay writing is one of the earliest types of writing examples you would see students learning. Students are taught to express their views in the form of an essay which is argumentative, autobiographical and persuasive- all in one- at the same time but that is only at a primary level. It is from those types of writing examples that as they grow up they are able to learn other forms of writing and are able to express themselves in a more “specialized manner” rather than a generalized one as they are taught at younger ages.

These are just some types of writing examples.