Types Of Writing Cursive

Writing in different styles can be quite fun and interesting and one of the most interesting is cursive writing because there are so many types of writing cursive. Cursive writing is also referred to as joint handwriting or running writing. It actually takes skill to be able to do any types of writing cursive style. The cursive style of writing has a certain grace and style to it that not just anyone can incorporate into it when they try to write this way. If you look at Sanskrit and Arabic texts (especially holy books) you will see that the writing is more or less cursive.

Probably one of the oldest types of writing cursive style is inclusive of the Arabic text. If you take a look at these you would see that the words have a certain flow to them. Different letters are attached to other letters which in turn join in with other letters too. This gives meaning to the text while at the same time reading the text becomes a lot easier for someone who does know how to read and write the Arabic cursive. These styles can be seen in Arabian calligraphy and even in the Quran (the Holy Book of the Muslims).

Sanskrit is also one of the oldest scriptures there is and there are a number of scriptures that the Hindus read that have various types of writing cursive styles in them. Books like the Bhagavad Gita and other holy scriptures, which were written centuries ago, depict cursive writing. Cursive writing makes it easier for these guys to understand what is written, to make sense of what is being said and to be able to comprehend the scripture itself. Again, this makes it easier to read the scripture with a flow that is required when it comes to reading the scripture.

These types of writing cursive styles have in turn also affected the way English is written. You will come across numerous students in the US who use the cursive style of writing and they do not do so intentionally. As they grow up they automatically use various types of writing cursive style. Usually girls tend to use the cursive style of writing more than boys do. Some schools and teachers are actually required to teach their students to write in cursive but sometimes the students tend to forget how to write in cursive style as they grow up or they simply outgrow it.

Various types of writing cursive styles have inspired various people and scriptures as a result of which you will find this form of writing in so many movies, books, scriptures and such like. However as times have gone on it is now presumed that the cursive style of writing is dead because the types of writing cursive style is no longer incorporated into writing and texts as much as it used to be earlier while others argue that it is not dead at all but that people just need to know how to write in cursive.