Types Of Writing And Examples

Writing, the term is too common to all. But, the fact is that there are various types of writing and examples among which all are equally important. Writing is actually an art. Everyone has an experience in his or her school or college life because of the given assignments or other academic activities. Actually, when a writing task is assigned, the primary requirement is to find the appropriate style of writing as there are so many types of writing and examples are there.

Among the broad category of writing, it can be categorized by four. These are:

1. Narrative:

This one is like telling stories to someone. All the types of topics can’t be described through this way. This is greatly followed in fiction writing and also only that but also in describing about something. It is also effective in summarizing something. This type of writing is like telling a story in first person. The example can be: “When I was walking through the road side, I saw a large number of people are making noise there. I understood that all of them were looking for something. I couldn’t understand that what they can search in such a remote place!”

2. Descriptive writing:

Descriptive writing can create an idea about a thing or about a person or about anything else. The subject of the writing is fixed. The words are built up around the subject. All of the words are used to make subject clear to the reader. So, among the types of writing and examples this one needs a specific subject. For example, anyone is required to write on “Mobile”. What he or she can write? This can be goes on such a way like: Mobile is an electronic device used to communicate with each other. It is now very popular not only among the young people but also among the all aged people. The price of the mobile can vary depending on the functions and features of the sets…..”

So, it is clear that all the words focus on “mobile”. This type of writing is written on a third person tone in maximum cases.

3. Expository:

This type of writing is little straight forward. This type focuses too much on the subject and don’t extra words than the necessity. This type is mainly used in academic writing. The examples of this type of writing are comparisons, instructions, definitions etc.

For example: The definition of Vowel is, the letters which can be pronounced without any help of other letters. There are 5 vowels in English language. These are A, E, I, O, U.

4. Persuasive:

This is the most logical style among the types of writing and examples. In this type of writing, a debate is shown in the style. The author shows logics and anti logics of the topic. But, finally, he or she needs to show conclusion and need to provide a decision by himself or herself.

For example: If anyone is required to write on “Student Politics” he or she need to show the logics and anti logics.

So, these are the types of writing and examples which are shown all the writings around us!