Types Of Wine

What are the different types of wine? Wine is a drink that we all love. These are beverages that are made from different varieties of grapes. These come from different places, as there are grapes that only grow in certain places. Also, the humidity in the places where the wines are made differs from one another too. These cause them to have different tastes, textures, and flavors. This is why there are many different types of wine.

Riesling is among the white types of wine. These are the ones that go great with fish, pork, and chicken dishes. The Riesling wines are types of wine that are made from the German grape of Mosel and Rhine. They are known to grow in all of the different wine districts, too. These are loved by many because of their sweet taste. They are also known to be slightly acidic, which balances the flavor. The Riesling from California is not as tasteful as the ones from Germany. They are known to be sweet but lack in acidity. There are known to be lighter than the other wines. The aroma, however, are strong and are of fresh apples.

Gewurztraminer is among the white types of wine that are known to be very aromatic. They are meant to be paired with Asian food as well as grilled sausages and pork. They are great for sipping, too. These are mostly made from grapes that are grown in Germany, New York, and the USA West Coast. The taste of these types of wine is mostly fruity. However, it carries aromas of peach, rose petal, allspice and lychee.

Chardonnays are white types of wine that are the most popular. These are the types of wine that are known to be paired best with chicken and fish dishes. These types of wine are principally made out of Burgundy in France. These are known to be wide bodied and velvety. There are known to be rich in citrus as well. These are fermented in oak barrels which add the buttery vanilla tone of the wine.

Syrah are red types of wine that are best pair with meat. They are mainly made out of California, Rhone Valley, and Australia. The taste of the Syrah has a flavor of wild black fruit or black currant. They have overtones of roasting meat and black pepper spice as well. Sometimes, these have toffee notes that come from the oak barrels where they are fermented. They have hearty and spicy red variety as well.

Merlots are red types of wine. They are known to be very easy to drink. This is because the merlot is known to be very soft. Because of these reasons, the merlot is advised to be the best wine to give the people who are just getting introduced to drinking wine. The good thing about merlot wines is that they can be paired with pretty much any type of food. They are mostly hailed out of the Bordeaux blend and are grown on Australia and the US west coast.