Types Of Windows Server 2008

The windows server 2008 is amongst one of Microsoft’s more popular operation systems and one of the most widely sold ones as well. There are different versions and types of windows server 2008 and every one of these different editions has different features and is used for different purposes by different people. Some of these may be used by different organizations while others would be used by individuals who find certain types of windows servers to be more convenient and user friendly as well.

The first of these types of windows server 2008 is the standard edition which has a 1 GHz and/or 1.4 GHz processor that belongs to Intel known as the Intel Intanium 2. The processor was one that many people found comfortable to use though they felt it was a little slower than what they wanted and expected. It comes with a 512 MB RAM memory though it would limit some features of the computer. The performance may be affected by this version of the 2008 server at one point or another. Any computer with more than 16 GB of RAM would require a greater disk space if you want to dump files or send your computer into hibernation mode.

Another of the various types of windows server 2008 is the Enterprise Edition which is, as the name suggests, used by businesses and companies. If you are interested in getting the version you can always use the internet to downloaded these types of windows server 2008 instead. It is used in order to evaluate and/or test which is why you would come across many businesses that go for these servers. There is no need to install a product key when downloading these and they are very convenient for those of you that have hired a work force and need to keep a check on your staff.

Then, there are those types of windows server 2008 that are used solely for web purposes and nothing else. Most people download these types of windows server 2008 in order to increase the efficiency of the internet. Companies and individuals that rely heavily upon the internet for research development, communication and work have downloaded these types of windows server 2008. Web pages can be deployed as soon as possible and it would also be possible to open up Web applications and such like a lot faster than what other types of windows server 2008 has to offer.

These are some of the countless types of windows server 2008. You will have noticed that every one of these has their own advantages because of which different people and organizations go for them. Some of them may be faster and better in some regard as opposed to the others while others may have a lot more to offer as well. These types of windows server 2008 have been made keeping the clients’ needs and requirements in mind and they have been made in a customized manner as per the requirements of the market.