Types Of Windows Patches

Patches are pieces of software that help correct glitches and problems that occur in a software program and there several types of windows patches where Windows is concerned. Every software has some issue or the other with it and this may be due to external reasons (such as viruses) or due to internal issues (because of the way the particular software was made). There are extremely few software which are not affected by any issue of the sort and which are made to be able to operate as they aren’t affected by viruses or any internal issues of the sort.

The Windows Installer 4.5 is one of the many types of windows patches that were made to be able to correct some of the glitches in the windows software. It can match the patch with, what is known as, the msidbComponentAttributesUninstallOnSupersedence value and this way it would be able to mark any subsequent patch that is installed with the msidbPatchSequenceSupersedeEarlier patch. The purpose of this is so that the software can then uninstall and also unregister the first patch, automatically, and this way the previous patch is no longer existent nor operational on the software. What happens with these types of patches, then, is that the previous patches are simply no longer part of the software and the newer patches substitute them so that the software can function more efficiently and in a better manner. The previous glitches are removed from the system because the new patch supports better features that allow the software to function and operate in a better manner.

The Windows Installer 3.0 is another of the many types of windows patches and what these can do is that they can apply the patches in a manner that is constant even if they were provided in another order or manner. They can also install and create patches one after the other (depending upon which ones are relevant to the use and purpose of the software) rather than having to remove the application as a whole. This way the application itself is made to operate in a more efficient manner and it becomes faster as well because the new patches enable it to do so by uninstalling some patches and by installing only those that are required by the software instead. These can all be done by the 3.0 via, what are known as, author patch packages, which can make the patch packages that are required to carry out these functions.

These are some of the various types of windows patches. The reason that these are known as Windows patches is because they can only be used by the Windows software and by none other. These types of windows patches are made for efficacy, efficiency and betterment of the Windows software only and they correct, as can be seen from the examples given above, any glitches that may be affecting operation of the windows software. There are many other types of windows patches but these are just some.