Types Of Windows Os

Windows is among the most widely known IT brands and the types of Windows OS can really give you a good experience with your computer system. But of course, you must be able to choose the right types of Windows OS for the system that you are using.

For home computers, there are a number of types of Windows OS that you can choose from. There you will have the Starter, Home Basic, and Home Premium. These three have different kinds of capabilities, though. You see, the Starter types of Windows OS can only run three programs at a time. They are made to be installed in systems that only have the basic specifications. If you are looking to play games, go online, play and make media, and access office documents, then you must be able to get the Home and the Home Premium types of Windows OS. They are made for home use and hence they are reasonably priced as well.

If you are looking for types of Windows OS that you are going to install in business computers, then you can get the Professional series types of Windows OS. These types of Windows OS are known to have better security features. They have remote desktop as well as self-encrypting features to help you make sure that you are able to manage and handle your business files and documents without having to add a physical hard drive to it and use a server to boot the computer system instead. Another one of the types of Windows OS great for business computers is the Enterprise. This is because this is the Windows version that will allow data encryption even for removable devices.

The use of tablet computers has been seen to be growing as well. This is why there are now types of Windows OS that are meant to be used in tablet computers. You see, tablet computers are basically low cost laptops. They are the ones that are more portable too. This is why there is now Windows 8 operating systems that can run on tablet computers, desktops, and even laptop computers as well.

Servers are important computer systems to many people. This is why Microsoft made sure that they are able to produce an operating system that can be used in servers. Basically, servers are computers systems that will allow multiple people to log in and use them. They carry around files and documents that are meant to be shared by the computers in the network as well. Of course, the server should be a very powerful computer system to be able to do this. And of course, the operating system should be equally powerful too if not more powerful than the hardware. This is why the Windows Server series is born. They allow people to be able to handle and manage groups of computers in networks and be able to give each of them the access that they need. This is why if you are running a business and need a network of computers, you must be able to get this.