Types Of Windows Movie Maker

According to the various versions released by Microsoft, there are 4 types of windows movie maker launched till now. First let us know about the function of a movie maker. It is a tool by which you may edit videos. Windows Essentials pack includes the windows movie maker. This is a modern software by which you may not only edit the videos but also upload them directly on Skydrive, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The various types of windows movie maker are discussed below according to the versions released till now-

* Movie Maker 1.0 to 2.5- this version was the first of all the types of windows movie maker and was included in the Windows ME (Millennium Edition) in the year 2000. This software was very successful as it reduced the work related to editing videos and photos. It had the feature to convert various photos into a movie or video, various videos may be combined and much more. Windows 2000 was introduced before the millennium edition so it did not have Windows Movie maker. Various versions ranging from 1.0 to 2.5 were launched till 2005 with various added features in every new version. Version 1.1 was launched a year after the launch of its first version and it was included in Windows XP. Likewise its other versions were also introduced with various different added features such as- version 2.0, 2.1 and 2.5.

* Movie Maker 6.0- this version among the various types of windows movie maker was launched in the market which supported DVR-MS file formats. It was included in the Windows Essential pack of Windows Vista. It had added features of various new effects and transitions. By this version you can very well give great effects to your movie. However this version of Windows Movie Maker did not provide support for importing various videos from analog sources, for example- Camcorder or VCR.

* Windows Live Movie Maker- different types of windows movie maker had different features. This version was officially released in the year 2009 which was the part of Windows Essential. It included the ribbon toolbar similar to Microsoft Office 2007. It included some additional features such as- ‘Auto Movie’, videos can directly be imported to YouTube or DVD’s. On the contrary, it also excluded certain features such as- chroma key, image stabilization, and recording voiceovers. This version could be used in Windows Vista and Windows 7 both. Later in 2010, its updated version Windows Movie Maker2011 was introduced with some advanced features such as- it supported HD videos, could capture from webcam and lastly it could directly upload to Facebook and Skydrive.

* Movie Maker 2012- in 2012, this version was released as a part of Windows Essentials and it restored the feature of recording the voiceovers. It also had the feature of audio mixer and essentially for Windows 8 users, hardware accelerated video stabilization was also introduced in it.

These were the types of windows movie maker versions released till now. We at ‘TypesOf.com’ hope that you have got the basic idea about its various versions and also their features.