Types Of Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest version of Microsoft’s flagship operating system and this is why you should get to know the types of Windows 8. You see, these days there are many different types of gadgets and devices that need the same operating systems as laptops and desktops. The many types of Windows 8 will cover them too. Getting to know them better will give you the upper hand in making the most educated decision for as to which one to get for your needs.

There are just three types of Windows 8 – Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, and Windows 8 Enterprise.

The first of the three types of Windows 8 is known plainly as Windows 8. These types of Windows 8 are the ones that most usually come with new laptops and desktops. This is the most basic types of Windows 8 too as it will allow you to run a fully functional computer system. However, much like new versions of Windows operating systems, this doesn’t come with the whole Microsoft Office pack. It can, however, run it well if you decide to get it separately and install it there. These types of Windows 8 can be used in tablets too. The main hiccup of this, however, is that your tablet batteries may not last that long because of the capability of running multiple apps at the same time.

The second of the three types of Windows 8 is called the Windows 8 Pro. This is the version that is recommended to be used by the regular computer users. Small businesses can use these types of Windows 8 too. Of course these have the same features as the Windows 8. They have more, though. These versions come with remote desktop, virtual hard drives, high security and encryption, and many others. It is also a good piece of information that you know that not one Windows 8 version can play DVDs as they are deemed to already be obsolete as you can easily download and buy movies on the internet. However if you really want to play your DVDs on your computer system, you can buy the Microsoft Media Pack that will allow you to play your DVDs.

Lastly, we have the Windows 8 Enterprise. These types of Windows 8 are the ones that are made for the people in the information technology field. They are the ones that can allow computer technicians and professionals to be able to run the largest networks too. The Windows 8 Enterprise, of course, has all the things that the Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro have. It is a version of the Windows 8 Pro that is made to be better as it has more programs for the technical professionals. If you are running a large business that will require you to set a large network of computers, then this is the operating system that you should get for your business – just don’t expect discounts for bulk orders as Microsoft already announced that they will not be giving them.