Types Of Windows 7 Operating Systems

There are six types of Windows 7 operating systems. Every version of the software is slightly different and offers different options. These types are targeted for individuals operating at various levels. It depends upon the requirement and the environment in which an individual works to select an appropriate version of Windows 7 software. However, it is essential to understand the importance of every version in order to look out for the best version that would fulfill the requirement of an individual’s need. Continue to read ahead as we provide complete information related to the six versions of the Windows 7 operating system.

1. The first among the six types of Windows 7 operating systems is the Windows 7 starter edition. It is a stripped down version of the entire Windows 7 software. This operating system has the capability to run only three programs at a given time. This is very useful for net-books, which are meant for browsing Internet alone.

2. The second in the series of six types of Windows 7 operating systems is the Windows 7 Home Basic edition. This is especially designed for developing countries and for people who are purchasing their first computer. In comparison to the starter edition, the home Basic edition has better graphics and the option to share an Internet connection. People who are not into much of the computing world can opt for the edition that offers the best of graphics, entertainment and ease of operation.

3. The third in the series of six types of Windows 7 operating systems is Windows 7 Home Premium edition. This has been built to fulfill most of the requirements of consumers across the globe. In this specific edition, Microsoft has included programs to watch and record TV on a PC. It is also possible for a user to create DVDs from videos that are existing in the system. Selecting this option is useful for people who are into the world of entertainment and movies.

4. The fourth in the series of the six versions of Windows 7 is the Windows 7 professional edition. The specific edition is aimed at the business market. Features such as extra networking, tools for small businesses and premium plus tools are included in the edition. This is very helpful for small-scale industries and businesses that require communication round-the-clock.

5. The fifth in the series of six versions of Windows 7 ease the Windows 7 enterprise edition. The Windows 7 enterprise edition is useful for large businesses. Big organizations can purchase this enterprise edition in bulk volume.

6. The sixth in the series of six types of Windows 7 operating systems is the Windows 7 ultimate edition. This specific operating system is very useful for individuals and technology specialists who spend much amount of time in front of a system. This edition of operating system consists of all the features that helps an individual perform multitasking at higher speeds. The operating system also offers support to high definition videos, high graphic games and multiple operations of different tasks.