Types Of White Cells

The white blood cells have so many responsibilities and this is why there are many types of white cells. Each of these white blood cells will give you different kinds of protection from bacteria, fungi and viruses. This way, they can do their job and make sure that they are able to assist the immune system in making sure that you are always healthy. Without further ado, get to know the types of white cells below.

The neutrophils are the types of white cells that have the main functions of killing bacteria in your body. This is why they are also called as the bacterial slayers. Compared to all other types of white cells, these are the ones that are most numerous. They are also the ones that come to the rescue when you get cuts or other kinds of bodily damage.

The eosinophils are the types of white cells that fight parasitic worms. To kill the parasites that they come in contact with, these types of white cells release a certain amount of toxins. If you get different kinds of allergic reactions, these are the ones that work as well.

The basophils are the types of white cells that are found in the body’s connective tissues. These kinds of white blood cells are also called mast cells. There are two components that are seen in basophils. These components are heparin and histamine. When tissue damage occurs, the basophils get to work. They play the inflammatory response role to control the damage and not make it bigger anymore. The histamines work by bringing help to the damaged tissue. It does this by dilating the blood vessels. Heparin, on the other hand, functions the opposite way. They make sure that the blood will not clot and that they are able to anti-coagulate it, as a matter of fact. When the blood doesn’t clot, it will continue to flow. Then the histamine will do its work and drive them to the damaged area so that they can work their magic and fix those.

Monocytes are types of white cells kill the bacteria and other foreign particles in the blood and the body by surrounding them and consuming them. They are large and hence they are able to do this just fine. This is why they are the ones tasked to clean up after the basophils do their job.

Lastly, we have the lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are types of white cells that will divide to send them to the damaged areas and components of the body. When infections occur, they divide themselves so as to make sure that they are able to help fight the infection and kill the bacteria, fungi or virus that will show. There are two main jobs handled by the lymphocytes. These jobs are to produce antibodies and perform resistance in cell mediation.

Indeed, these types of white cells have very important tasks in ensuring that we do not get sick. Therefore, we should also make sure that we get to know them well so that we can take care of our health.