Types Of White Birds

White, color of peace and birds being the beautiful part of nature, together white birds are the scenic and charming creatures on the world. There are many birds that have white spots on them but not all of them lie under the types of white birds. There are different types of white birds each having different features, but some of the few birds just stand out over others.

The types of white birds include American White Pelican which are mostly found in Horicon Marsh in Wisconsin and are natives of North America. These birds have huge feathers and second largest wingspan among North American birds making their flight pictures more beautiful. They have huge beaks and it catches its prey while swimming. American white pelicans tend to swim in groups when they come to feed so they can cooperate and pass the fish to one another. Great Egret is another bird which is included in the types of white birds. This bird is also known as the Common Egret, Large Egret or Great White Heron. These S-necked birds are usually found in all over the America and almost around the whole world. These birds are found near the salty or fresh water, lakes, ponds, wetlands and streams they stand there still for longer periods and wait for the prey to come into their range of long necks. These birds usually eat fish, but they also eat other small animals including mice, frogs and other reptiles. They keep their nests near the water gather in groups called colonies. The types of white birds include the snowy owl, which is found in Horicon Marsh. They often travel to south in search for food and an adult snowy owl can eat four to five lemmings per day. The Whooping Crane is among one of the types of white birds which is the tallest North American bird. These beautiful white birds were very close to extinction but thanks to the people and the breeding programs that helped to raise their productivity again. An Adult Whooping Crane is white having a red crown and a sharp black beak and long black legs, whereas an immature Whooping Crane is cinnamon brown. The forster’s tern belongs to the tern family. Perhaps Horicon is a gold mine for white birds as this bird is also found there. This is one of the types of white birds which breed on colonies, lays three eggs or more, these birds feed by diving for fish however they hawk for insects as well. Their upper body is grey while their lower body is white, its legs are red, and the bill is red with black. Along with the above mentioned white birds, there are many other types of white birds including White-tailed Kite, White Ibis, Snowy Plover, Ivory Gull, Sanderling, White Homing Pigeon, White ring neck Doves, Trumpeter Swan, Common Seagull, Snow Goose and many others. White birds being so different from one another are one of the blessed attractive features of the world.