Types Of Weed

Weed is one of the many names of cannabis.

There are different types of weed though the impact they have may vary too. One of these may give you a greater different types of weed though the impact they have may vary too. One of these may give you a greater “high/buzz’ as opposed to other types of weed. Weed is also referred to as marijuana and as per research it is harmless and it isn’t dangerous unlike other drugs and opiates. Many people use weed to improve their concentration levels and their libido too. Supposedly weed is also good for heightening smell, taste and improving ones ability to hear. Generally weed smokers tend to appreciate music more too.

The better types of weed last for longer and give you a better buzz. One of the better types of weed is one that is produced by the Sativa plant. Though it takes longer to develop, it is generally of better quality than other types of weed. The smoke produced is milder, it gives an energetic high.

The best of the many types of weed is the white widow. The plant is known to produce one of the best types of cannabis. It has the highest amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) because of which it gives a powerful buzz and it is far more effective than any of the other types of weed. It also tastes much better and any smoker who hasn’t had this must try it out. You’ll see that it really gives you an amazing buzz too. However, being the most superior of all types of weed, it is also the most expensive one of all.

The second most highly rate type of weed is the Northern Light. It has the second highest amount of THC. Naturally, the buzz isn’t as powerful as that of the white widow but it still is effective. The plant isn’t too tall and grows to about 1.5 meters outdoors though when grown indoors it is somewhat taller than this. Generally this, of all other types of weed, is considered to be beneficial for those of you wanting to grow your weed indoors. Many people in Holland grow this type of weed inside their houses! This, too, is quite expensive though not as expensive as the white widow.

One of the most popular types of weed is the super skunk weed. In fact it is so popular that it is often sold even before it is given the chance to dry at all! It is well known for its skunky and sweet smell which is where it derives its name from. It is as potent as hashish and is quite popular around the world.

Then, you’ve got the Big Bud which won the Cannabis Cup in 1989. The high is extremely strong though the smoke is smooth and these two traits make it one of the finest and most popular types of weed. A weed smoker must try this weed because it is amazing to smoke.

The purple haze marijuana has sativa undertones and produces and the best part is that it can be grown in the worst climatic conditions too.