Types Of Wedding Dresses

All women dream their wedding day before they even go to kindergarten (even those who deny it), and you definitely can’t have a perfect weeding unless you choose among the several types of wedding dress the one that best suits you. After all, you only get married once (or twice, or thrice), and you don’t want to look ugly in your special day and the photos that will in that case haunt you for ever. Below is a list of the most common types of wedding dresses that women usually go for.

1. The empire wedding dress: the waist line in this wedding dress is high (slightly above the bottom end of your chest bone) and that what is why it is chose by women with various body types. If you are a bit chubby (or even fat), this waistline will cover up the extra weight in the abdominal area and/or it will hide the fact that your legs look a bit more fat than you wanted them to. Of course, if you are you are going to look gorgeous with an imperial aura (if you manage to sell that too).

2. The A-line dress: another way to go about the issue is to choose the A-line dress, also known as the wedding princess dress. Damned Hollywood movies! Why do all love stories have to end in a dress like that? This weeding dress is also successfully in covering the unnecessary body fat, plus it can also balance out the difference between a thin overall body and large breast, or well-developed shoulders.

3. In completely opposition to the first two types of wedding dresses the Mermaid style, otherwise known as the Trumpet wedding dress, is a dress that will gently hug your body and give emphasis on your beautiful curves. This is clearly not a good choice for a chubby woman, but it is also not a very good one for a thin woman or a short woman either. Instead, it only matches well with what we call well-shaped, fir, and curvy body.

4-5 Two more types of wedding dresses that make for make for two very popular choices are the ball gown wedding dress and the sheath wedding dress. The first is what people call the Cinderella dress and it matches well with most body types (no matter how many extra pounds you might have). The fact that its gowns usually start flaring out a couple of inches below the hips, not only hides some weakness on your body, but it also adds an intriguing sense of drama to the whole mystery (and of course the woman wearing it). The ball gown wedding dress, however, is not suggested for short women, since it makes them look even shorter. As for the sheath dress (otherwise known as the column wedding dress), it is probable the most provocative and sexy of all types of wedding dresses. It is elegant, alluring, and some might even say ethereal, since it makes all your body curves stand out; plus it places a lot of emphasis on a woman’s cleavage. Keep in mind, though, that you need to have the ‘proper’ body in order to wear such a dress and let’s leave it at that.

Anyway, there are more types of wedding dresses besides those mentioned above and it is up to you to look them up and choose the one you like most; after all, it is your special day