Types Of Violence

There are total seven known types of violence. The violence can be projected to show the power. The true nature of violence has no definition or specified structure; it could get transformed from one body to another. However, the intention behind violence could differ to the great extent. The intention can be either good or bad. Depending on the form of intention, several types of violence get established. Violence could also be regarded as models of behavior that are intended to establish influence and sustain command over relatives, family, family members, close partners, workmates, or groups. The origins of all types of violence could be found in many varieties of disparity. This cycle goes on and on without breaking. The influence of violence goes on increasing into the society.

Violence may come about just the once. It may consist of a variety of strategies of restrained exploitation. As the time goes, violence will go on increasing. However, in any type, violence always has great impact on health and happiness. Depending on this concept, there are several types of violence are crafted.

The different types of violence could include:

– Corporeal Violence

– Sexual Violence

– Poignant Violence

– Psychosomatic Violence

– Religious Violence

– Civilizing Violence

– Monetary Abuse

Physical Violence:

The use of body power or strength is considered as physical or corporeal violence. If a person attacks the body of another person then it could be called as physical violence. This is the most common type of violence that could include pushing, pinning, shoving, punch, fighting, hair-pulling, biting body parts, slapping, kicking, and arm twisting. The physical violence may include many other forms.

Sexual Violence:

Forcing someone to become a part of sexual activities without his or her interest is considered as sexual violence. Most of the times, rape like issues are considered as sexual violence. The amount of sexual violence is more in women as compared to the men. This is one among the largely founded types of violence. This type of violence may include forced sexual intercourse, giving sexual looks, bad signs of eyes, irritating someone for having sex, using abusive language, making use of erotic words, seducing someone or forcefully touching inner organs.

Emotional Violence:

Emotional violence is connected with the inner feelings of mind. When someone speaks bad or gives ignoring feelings then it could get grouped into this category of violence. Emotional violence consists of speaking badly about the name, spreading bad kind of rumors about someone, threats, jealousy, threatening to commit suicide, and pestering.

Psychosomatic Violence

When someone gains control on opposite person by showing him or her threats then it gets considered as psychological violence. This is very much related to the psychological feelings. Threatening to harm someone else or threatening to harm self body are two main categories of psychological violence.

Religious Violence:

Showing disrespect on someone’s religion is considered as religious violence.

Civilizing Violence:

Continuously taunting someone for not having good manners or continuously teaching others the good manners of society could lead to the civilizing violence.

Monetary violence:

Threatening someone for offering money, money robbery, stealing important bank documents are the common types of monetary or financial violence.