Types Of Video Games

What are the different types of video games? Video games have grown tremendously over the past few decades, fueled greatly by greater processing power, better graphics, and overall technological leaps. They have changed from 2D images on arcade screens to 3D images on Hi-Def screens. They have grown from being a single player affair on a tiny screen to being a massively multiplayer activity.

Nowadays, one can drown in the deluge that is the many types of video games out there.

Types of Video Games: Action

Action games often focus on overcoming physical challenge, and often in a confrontational manner. They are often past paced and violent, with a lot of blood and gore; they are also the most preferred by gamers all over. These games feature physical confrontation such as wrestling or martial arts or mechanized warfare. Examples of games that focus largely on physical confrontation include Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Wrestling and Street Fighter.

The Shooter subgenre is one another important subtype here. These subgenre is a very lucrative niche, and has grown into many subtypes. Most shooter games are in the first person perspective so as to better immerse the player in the storyline. Most shooter games offer the player the whole gamut of weapons, sometimes in the beginning and sometimes the weapons are scattered throughout the game.

These games can be played in a single player mode or a multiplayer mode; with high speed internet, the multiplayer mode can support thousands of players. Examples of such games include Splinter Cell, Call of Duty, Hitman, Max Payne and Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

Types of Video Games: Adventure/Role playing

These games tend to be overshadowed by action games which almost always have an adventurous aspect. Role playing games are often set on achieving specific quests. The greater focus is on the storyline and is consequently distinguished from action types of video games by the fact that they are less graphic. This games also support single and multiplayer modes. Games such as Final Fantasy, Indiana Jones and Syberia are examples of these types of video games.

Types of Video Games: Strategy/ Tactics

These games are all about strategically relocating a bunch of players during a game; they are designed for strategic thinking. Violence is often not depicted. Games such as Worms, Advanced Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics are examples of strategy games.

Types of video Games: Sports

These games are based on sporting activities such as football, basketball, rugby etc. In this games, the player has control over all the players in the team. Most sports games also allow the gamer to sell or buy player, or even build up a player from scratch, thus giving the gamer an opportunity to personalize his ideal team. FIFA, PES and Madden Football are some of the games in this category.

Types of Video Games: Racing

These games are allowed about pitting cars, or motorcycles against each other. These games can have their races in legal racetracks or the races cans be illegal, conducted with the fear of a police raid busting up the race. Examples of these games include Need For Speed and Dirt.

Most video games do not neatly fall into these categories; they usually fall into two categories, such as action-adventure, or action-role playing game. Furthermore, this list is not exhaustive; other categories such as dance oriented games or simulation based games exist.