Types Of Vegetarians

Being a vegetarian does not necessarily imply that you have to stop eating all forms of non- vegetable foods. There are numerous types of vegetarians and pure variety can open up fresh alternatives for you or any budding vegetarian. Being a vegetarian is somewhat about developing a habit of refraining from consumption of meat, sea foods, poultry as well as all other forms of animals’ flesh. There are different reasons different people opt for resorting to vegetarianism, some are political, economic, and some being cultural such as religion and other decide to practice this behavior due to health reasons. Being a vegetarian does not mean that you have to abstain from eating the above mentioned types of foods, but it is about eating the diet correctly. Here are some types of vegetarians;

Ovo-vegetarian; these types of vegetarians do not eat any form of dairy or meat products but eat eggs. The word ‘ovo’ means egg and it provides this vegetarian with the essential elements that are not available in the meat and dairy products. However, this vegetarian misses some common elements usually available in the dairy products such as calcium and vitamin D. Eggs provides the best alternative for elements such as proteins that our bodies require. This type of vegetarian will therefore need to find out other alternatives for calcium and Vitamin D since our bodies require them to develop strong bones, enhance the nervous system as well as blood clot process. These are generally good for the general wellbeing of an individual.

Lacto vegetarian; the term lacto basically refers to dairy. Therefore, this simply explains that these are types of vegetarians that primarily takes dairy products alone and not any form of meat or eggs. Some of the common foods that this vegetarian prefers include cheese, butter milk among many more. These are the types of foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin D. On the other hand, an ardent lacto vegetarian really misses out on the protein found in the eggs since he or she has exempted himself from eating eggs and these are the main source of proteins. Therefore, a lacto vegetarian should try and find an alternative source of protein for his body. This is because the proteins are essential in building the muscles of the body, important in red blood cells as well as repairing worn out body tissues.

Lacto-ovo Vegetarian; these are the other types of vegetarians. This is a kind of vegetarian who combines eggs and dairy products in his or her meals but does not eat any form of meat. Even though meat is vital in production of immense proteins and irons, this vegetarian can find these elements from other non-meat foods such as beans, fresh fruits, nuts as well as various dairy products.

Vegan; this is the type of a strict vegetarian. A vegan does not eat any form of non-vegetable products be it dairy, poultry, and sea food amongst others. He or she is firmly subscribed to eating vegetables alone without incorporating any form of non-vegetables in his or her meals. He or she is someone who also avoids any other form of animal products such as leather for clothing.