Types Of Uterine Cancer

Cancer, which was something rare sadly, has become the most common disease among people especially among women. Uterine cancer is one of the most common cancer which occurs in a woman’s reproductive system and the two major types of uterine cancer are Adenocarcinoma and Sarcoma.

Uterus cancer is caused by the uncontrollable growing and changing of uterus normal cells to gather and form a tumor. This tumor can be noncancerous which means it is not harmful, and a tumor can be cancerous which means it can spread this cancer in many other parts of the body too. Among the types of uterine cancer, Adenocarinoma makes 95% of the uterine cancer, nearly all cancers in the uterus starts from the endometrium, these endometrial cancers start in the cells of the uterus and they belong to the group of cancers called carcinomas. When these endometrial carcinomas group together and form a gland, it is known as Adenocarcinomas. The most common cancer among the types of uterine cancer is endometrioid adenocarcinoma. Around 80% of the endometrial cancers are adenocarcinomas. There are three grades in endometrioid cancer which depends upon the how the cancer has formed the glands that look similar as the glands found in a normal and healthy endometrium. Grade 1 tumors have more than 95% of the cancerous tissues that form glands. Grade 2 tumors have 50% to 90% of the cancerous tissues for forming glands and Grade 3 cancers are known as the ‘high grade’ and Grade 3 tumors have less than a half of the cancerous tissue that forms glands. Some other and less common types of uterine cancer include clear-cell carcinoma, serous carcinoma and poorly differentiated carcinoma. These cancers tend to be more aggressive than the others as they have the tendency to grow and spread more quickly. Doctors have divided the cancer into further two types of uterine cancer. Type 1 uterine cancer which are caused by the excreted estrogen but they are not aggressive and they are quite slow to spread to other tissues. This type 1 would include the Grade 1 and 2 endometrioid cancers. Then there is another type which is called type 2 about which experts are not sure what cause this cancer but still the estrogen is not the cause. The less common types of uterine cancer such as serous carcinoma, poorly differentiated carcinoma and Grade 3 endometrioid cancers come under this category which is type 2.

This disease has become very common among women especially in the developed countries. But different types of uterine cancer exist in which some of them have non-cancerous tissues which will not spread to the other parts of the body and can be prevented by a number of ways. There are different treatments to different types of uterine cancer, for instance for some types, chemotherapy and a surgery is enough, but for some of the types that are more aggressive and can spread all over the body, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy is needed. However, the treatment varies according to the stages of uterus cancer, but the good news is that this disease is now treatable.