Types Of Twins

There are two well known types of twins viz. fraternal and identical. The fraternal twins are also regarded as dizygotic whereas identical twins re also called as monozygotic. Besides these two types there are few more rare and interesting types of twins.

Conjoined Twins:

Conjoined twins undergo the curtailed separation of the fertilized ovum due to which they don’t get entirely alienated from each other. These are also called as monozygotic multiples. This type of twins share tissue, extremities or organs. They may get linked at certain points of the body.

Twins envisaged disjointedly:

These are also called as superfetation. Sometimes, a woman’s egg fertilization cycle gets broken up which stops the ovulation process. These types of pregnancies could lead to disjointedly envisaged twins.

Twins with two separate Fathers:

When multiple eggs get released into the one ovulation process fraternal twins come out as the result. This process is also called as hyper-ovulation. In this case, twins may get formed having different fathers. If a woman had sex with two multiple partners then chances of hyper-ovulation gets increased.

Polar body twins:

These are also called as ‘half identical twins’. Half identical twins are the result of pregnancy in which egg ovulation process completes successfully but each half part of an egg meets sperms. This duo meeting of an egg causes half identical twins. This type is most common among the other types of twins.

Boy-Girl alike twins:

Identical twins i.e. monozygotic twins are always considered as the matching gender because of their formation through a sole zygote. This type of zygote may contain either female chromosomes (XX) or male chromosomes (XY). These twins have opposite sex but still they resemble each other by means of look, body language and voice.

Emulated Twins:

This is considered as the most common types of twins more than the polar body twins. These are also called as mirror body twins since they have same look, body language, voice and other features that describe the human personality. These are the part of monozygotic group and get produced from a single ovulated egg. They may have the same remark of birth-signs on opposite sides of their body and they may get differed from each other by means of writing style i.e. if one writes with a right hand then other will be writing with left hand.

Partially matching Twins:

Most of the types of twins are recognized on the basis of partiality. This is because it has found in many cases that twins may get formed because of partial ovulation of an egg. Two separate genders may get formed in this type.

Twins having different date of births:

If a women gives birth to one child in midnight by giving birth to another child when clock changes to the next day then this type of twins are considered as twins with different birthdays. There might have a huge difference in time while giving birth to the two separate Childs. These twins rarely show similarity into their facial expressions, voice tones and writing styles.