Types Of Turtles

What are the different types of turtles? Turtles are wonderful creatures that can live in both water and land. There are many different types of turtles. However, there are many of them that are already extinct. There are some turtles that are from the sea and there are some that you can find in fresh water. And here we will discuss the different turtle types that you can find in the sea.

The first of the types of turtles in the sea are the leatherback turtles. Among all the types, they are the largest and can grow up to 6 feet. They can also weigh up to 2,000 pounds. Turtles are good divers, but there are types that are not as good as the leatherback as they can dive depths of up to 3,000 ft. You can find these leatherback turtles nesting on tropical beaches. However, these turtles are migratory. They migrate all the way to north Canada all throughout the year.

Next, we have the green turtle. These turtles belong to the large types of turtles in the sea as well. They can weigh up to 350 pounds and grow up to 3 feet long. Although they are “green” turtles, these turtles can also come in different colors including gray, black, brown, and even yellow. The funny thing about these turtles is that when they grow old, they become herbivorous. While they are young, they eat tiny fishes and are indeed carnivorous. If you want to find green turtles, then you can check out tropical waters and shores. Around the world, you can find these cute types of turtles nesting and swimming.

Some other huge types of turtles are hawksbill turtles. You see, these are turtles that can grow up to 3.5 to 4 feet long and weigh up to somewhere around 180 pounds. The name of these types of turtles came from the shape of their beak. Among their characterizing features is their beautiful carapace. However, because of this beauty, many people started to hunt them down to extinction.

The loggerhead types of turtles got their name because of their big heads. They can also grow up to 3.5 to 4 feet. Unlike most types of turtles who are herbivores, the loggerheads eat mollusks, crabs, and even jellyfish. If you are in the Florida region, you can bet you have seen this turtle as this is where they nest and live.

Flat back turtles are the types of turtles that have a flat carapace, hence the name. They are usually olive gray and they can only be found in the waters of Australia. Much like the loggerhead turtles, the flat back turtles eat mollusks, squid, soft corals, and sea cucumbers to name a few.

Lastly, we have the olive ridley turtles. As their name implies, these turtles have shells that are olive green in color. Among all the types of sea turtles, they are the smallest as they can only weigh up to 100 pounds. However, they are one of the most common as you can see them in the tropical areas of the whole world.