Types Of Tumors On Dogs

We love our dogs, and being able to understand the types of tumors on dogs can help them a lot. You see, they can suffer from different kinds of cancers too. This makes the owner’s understanding of the types of tumors on dogs much more needed. Dogs cannot talk. They cannot tell you that they are not feeling well. They cannot tell you which part of their body is experiencing pain too. This being said, it is the job of their owners to find out and see if their dogs are going through health problems. And the knowledge of the types of tumors on dogs can be a good start.

The most commonly found types of tumors on dogs are the lymphomas or lymphosarcomas. These are basically tumors that are found within the solid organs of the dogs, such as bone marrows, spleen, liver, and lymph nodes among others. There are many kinds of lymphomas in dogs, too. However, there have been many studies that show that these are mostly caused by genetics. Among all dog breeds, Golden Retrievers are known to be the ones most affected by these types of tumors on dogs. Symptoms of these include lymph node enlargement and decreased appetite for the peripheral lymphoma. For the internal lymphoma, symptoms often show when the cancer is at a severe state already. These symptoms include breathing difficulties, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea among others.

Hemangiosarcoma is among the many types of tumors on dogs too. These are basically cancer cells that grow and affect the blood vessels. Among all kinds of dog breeds, the most often victims of these types of tumors on dogs are the German Shepherds. Although hemangiosarcoma is known to not be painful, they can lead to serious problems as they can end up in internal bleeding. The most commonly affected organs of these types of tumors on dogs include the spleen, liver, heart and skin.

Osteosarcoma pertains to types of tumors on dogs affecting the bones. These are most commonly found in huge dogs as they are the ones with the longest bones and hence the Great Danes are its most frequent victims. These types of tumors on dogs are known to be very aggressive. They are known to be able to spread rapidly as well. This is why the treatment given to dogs diagnosed with this is amputation.

Melanoma can be present in your dogs too. As with the melanoma in people, dog melanoma is formed by skin cells that are dark or pigmented. All dogs can be affected with these. However, the most common victims of melanoma include the Doberman Pinscher and the Scottish Terrier, the ones that have dark skin.

Much like in people, there are many available treatment options for your dogs too. Chemotherapy is always available for all of them. There are some that choose to have their dogs undergo radiation therapy too. Of course there will always be surgical procedures as well. But remember that the best treatment method you can give to your dogs will depend on the tumors that are found in them.