Types Of Tropical Fish

What are the different types of tropical fish? The sea caters a lot of wonders that are said to be beyond our wildest imaginations. And of those wonders are the Tropical fishes which are also known as Aquarium fishes nowadays. It includes fishes found in the tropical environments around the globe both salt water and fresh water fishes. These aquatic creatures often have bright coloration which proved them fit to be on “display”. For fresh water fishes, this coloration usually derives from iridescence, while the salt water fishes are generally pigmented.

The term Tropical fish were often referred to fresh water fishes while the salt water fishes are referred to be marine fishes. For home aquaria, the Tropical fishes include the following:

The Small Breeds

This types of tropical fish are easy to maintain. You will find many choices among the community of small breed fishes. Since they are small they take lesser space in the tank which means that you will be able to mix variety of species of your choice. Most of these fishes are schooling fish that should be kept in groups of at least two or three of their kind.


Fantail Guppy is especially famous among novice aquarists because the beauty of their color is not hard to maintain. These types of tropical fish is very flexible for they can be kept for either small or large aquarium and they are also tolerant of many water conditions. They make great community fish and the fact that they remain small will put you on ease that they will not over crowd your tank. Because Guppies are schooling fish, it is wise to keep them with the group of 5 or more and if you want to secure that you will not suffer with baby guppy overflow, it is practical to produce only one sex of this Tropical fish.


These types of tropical fish are a community of peaceful breed that would serve multiple purposes in your tank. Mollies are available in a wide range of color and patterns which will enhance the aesthetic appearance of your tank. Additionally, Mollies will serve as eaters of the algae in your beloved tank, picking bits of algae off your tank decorations and live plants. These types of tropical fish eats either live foods or flake food and if well taken care of, their life can last up to two years. Just like the Guppies, Mollies are also likely breath without much effort on the hobbyist side, so if don’t want your tank to be invaded with baby mollies, limit it with female Mollies only.

Neon Tetras

The Neon Tetra is one of the most popular for those who are just starting out their carriers as an aquarist. These types of Tropical fish is easy to keep and if you take a good care of them, their lives can last up to ten years. Same as the other bread of Tetra fishes, The Neon Tetra prefer to be in groups of three or five of their own kind with this, they get along well with other community fishes. As a piece of advice, if you are looking for an easy species of Tropical fish that will add beauty and color to your aquarium, the red and blue neon tetra will help you accomplish this.


Zebra Danio, Leopard Danio and the long fine variety of its breed are the four well -known classes of Danios. These little types of Tropical fish are very active swimmers with their silver and blue bodies shines as they zip around the tank. Their hyperactivity in swimming will require the aquarist to provide an adequate tank space for them to roam around. Like Guppies, Danios are tolerant with the varieties of water and they can live up to five years provided that the hobbyist will take a good care of them. In addition These species are enthusiastic feeders they likely to thrive on any commercial fish food that you will provide them so it is important that you do not over feed the Danios or rather let them eat all of the food for your other fishes.


Barbs has several varieties this includes Tiger Barbs, Ruby Barbs and Giant Barbs. Generally, these types of Tropical fish are peaceful in nature but they have a possibility of developing aggressive behaviours so it is better to keep them in groups of five or more. Originally they are easy going but they have been also known to nips and fins of some long-finned breeds like Angelfish. The growth of a Barb can come up to three inches but some like the Rosy Barbs may be able to grow as far as six inches and has a lifespan of one to three years.


Also known as the Siamese fighting fish which is known for their variety of fin types and for their vibrant colors. This types of tropical fish is hardly tolerant to the water varieties, temperatures and PH levels. Bettas are known to be very territorial especially over other Bettas so if you are planning to keep a betta it would be better to place them on a separate bowl or tank.

Medium and Large Breeds


This types tropical fish is sensitive to the various conditions of the water and its temperatures. Gourami comes in many colors and sizes and they are generally peaceful fishes. The Pearl Guormis and Dwarf fish which is one of the classifications of Gouramis are more inclined to be part of a community of fishes while the other breed of Gouramis which are the Kissing Pink and the Blue Gourami have the tendency to be territorial and semi-aggressive. It is advised to do not keep more than one male Guorami in the same tank to avoid conflict with the both kinds of Gourami to provide all of your fish with adequate hiding place. This types of Tropical fish can coexist with other Tropical fishes provided that those fishes were not so small that the Gouramis might be tempted to eat them.


This is a well known type of algae eaters. Plecostomus or Plecos require a little care because the bigger part of their diet is composed of uneaten fish foods and algae that are gleaning in the walls of the tank. Under a good condition, this types of Tropical fish has known to grow up to ten inches and their lives can be as long as ten years. Plecstomus becomes more aggressive and territorial s their size increases this is also the reason why only the small Plecostomus is advices to be kept by new Aquarians.


This is a very popular fish among aquarium enthusiasts because of its tendency to develop their own personality. Oscars are prone to beg their owners for meal time and greet them as well. The types of tropical fish requires a large tank with no less than 55 gallons of water since they could grow up to 12 inches. They can tolerate various water conditions and easy to take care for but Oscars has the tendency to be messy so it is advisable for you to have an efficient filtration in their place.


This types of Tropical Fish is not so popular among aquarists. Because of their tall body Angelfish prefer to live in tall tanks rather than the wide ones. Thought they also have the tendency to become territorial sometimes Angelfishes are most likely to be bullied by other fishes this means that it is practical to place them in a smaller community of fishes. Angelfishes are not picky eaters and could grow up to six inches. They have a lifespan of between eight to ten years.