Types of Tomatoes

What are the different types of tomatoes? The tomato is one of the most used types of fruits in the world. History indicates that the tomatoes originated from the Americas. However, following the Spanish colonization of the Americas, the tomatoes spread around the world. Tomatoes are used for different activities. For example, some tomatoes are eaten raw while others have to be cooked so that they can be edible. The tomato belongs to the nightshade family which grows to a height of 2 meters but has a weak back. For this reason, the tomato tree has to be supported by another object such as a stick.

Worldwide, the tomato is one of the plants that have actually done very well in the green house structures. There are about 7000 tomato varieties which are grown for various purposes. These categories are usually based on the size and shape. In this article, we will look at some of the types of tomatoes that are in the market today. This article will actually touch base on a few of them since it would be almost difficult to write on all the types of tomatoes.

Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are usually very small as compared to other types of tomatoes that we will discuss below. They have been in cultivation since the year 17th century. Many historians believe that the cherry tomatoes actually originated from Peru. Cherry tomatoes can be picked when green or when fully ripe. When green, the cherry tomatoes can be used to make sediment called tomolive.


A plum is an oval shaped fruit which have a firm flesh. Plums are of different species. The commercially viable plum plant species are usually medium sized and are pruned when they have attained a height of 6 metres. A plum fruit is usually sweet and juicy which can be eaten fresh. Dried plums on the other hand are sweet and juicy too and contain a number of antioxidants. They are sometimes used as snacks.

Roma tomatoes

The Roma tomatoes were developed by the Agricultural Research Service scientists. It has pear shape and is usually meaty. Roma tomatoes are usually red or yellow in color with purple vines. Roma tomatoes are an open pollinated species of tomatoes. In a majority of supermarkets in United States of America, Great Britain and Mexico, the Roma potatoes are usually a common type of tomatoes in the shelves.

Ox heart tomatoes

This is a large type of tomatoes that is very popular among many cooks and gardeners. It is grown almost in ever part of the globe. The tomato is actually very sweet with a nice fragrance. The color of the ox heart tomatoes usually range from red to orange. They are called Ox heart tomatoes because of their heart shape. They are used in salads, cooking and for industrial purposes. They can be grown either indoors or outdoors which is an advantage among many gardeners.

Beefsteak tomatoes

This is one of the largest varieties of tomatoes. It is larger than all the tomato types mentioned above. Most of these tomatoes are pink in color. However, some beefsteak tomatoes are usually red in color. They may be eaten raw or be used to make sandwiches. In relation to the above types, beefsteaks are not produced for commercial purposes as they are not suitable for mechanization.