Types Of Theater Genres

Theater is a place of presenting art in live form, Types of theater genres can be classified as per the objectives of the topic or subject various types of theatre genres are Drama, skits, Plays, live opera, musical concert, dance nights etc.

Types of theatre genres depend upon the impact they create on the spectators or the audience as theatre is a place where things are presented physically in front of a live audience.

Let’s now discuss over the types of theatre genres to get a clearer view about the genre in theatre:

Drama what exactly it is? Drama is a live depiction of some historical event or a story written by an author for example the very famous ‘hamlet’ it is a play written by Shakespeare I one of his books, which is being depicted in the form of live characters as drama to entertain the audience, any story or some historical event is dramatized to give a live scenario to the audience about the happenings, even drama’s are created on the topics from the society that needs to highlight to the audiences.

Skits these are the theatre shows which are of small time frame, they are based on stories from past or some recent events/happenings to bring the subject into the notice of the audience and each character speaks for itself in a skit. The skits are performed at small levels like schools, colleges where there is a time frame and the audience not very calm and quite.

Musical concerts are the most entertaining form of theater where the audiences are entertained by the singers and musicians by their skill of singing and playing with musical instruments. Music is one of the best stress busters and therefore, audiences at a live concert get the calm and soothing effect by listening to the live lyrics and sound.

Dance can be of various types it could be classical, traditional, western or of any form which is performed to entertain the audience, dance is also a type of theatre genre which speaks about the subject in the form of body language and pose, many a times dance form is also used in drama’s to make them more appealing to the audience.

Speech is a live presentation given by an individual in front of large audience i.e. an individual has to connect with the audience who is sitting to hear him on the topic which is of any type related to the objective of the gathering. Speech differs from level to level it could be spiritual, official, inspirational etc.

Circus is a type of theatre genre which includes various genres like comedy, tragedy, fiction, emotions etc, circus can be defined as a moving/ traveling theatre which is meant to entertain audience in many genre such as jokers are there to do comedy, ring masters to create tragedy and fiction and many more skills and activities for audience to enjoy the leisure time.

Puppet shows are the kind of theatre genre where the artificial characters are, made to perform on a subject, puppets are controlled by an individual who make them dance or provide gestures on the background sounds.