Types Of Terrier Dog Breeds

There are so many kinds of dogs and within those breeds there are even more breeds which is why you will come across various types of terrier dog breeds. Similarly you will come across various Labradors- there’s the normal one that’s actually quite docile and friendly and then, there’s the American Labrador which is much more aggressive. Likewise you will see that there’s the cocker spaniel and then there’s the springer spaniel. What is different about these dogs is that they all belong to the same family but there are different features because of which they are classified differently. Think of it in terms of being a human being- if your father’s name is John Smith, naming everyone else John Smith in the family wouldn’t make sense because you all look and are different.

Where the types of terrier dog breeds are concerned you will come across numerous kinds of these. Each one of them is different in behavior and appearance. There’s the Patterdale Terrier which is quite small in size. These cute little dogs have smooth coats and you will find them to usually have black or blue and tan, red and chocolate coats. They are very friendly but they can be temperamental if mistreated or if they are around people that they do not like or feel too comfortable with. At the same time they are also energetic, intelligent and inquisitive. If they see something that they’ve never seen before you’d often see them sniffing at it and walking away or bringing it to you. They are good for companionship and get quite attached to their owners and obey them.

Completely opposite to these types of terrier dog breeds are the bull terriers which are also smooth coated dogs and they usually have white coats with patches of black on them. These dogs are very aggressive, impatient and you will often see them fighting other dogs when they do not get their way. At the same time these dogs are very faithful to their owners and their families and would guard them fiercely. If they see someone knew, they would instantly growl at them because of the presence of a new figure in their domain.

Manchester terriers are those types of terrier dog breeds that are more like the middle child of the family! These dogs are usually neither shy nor aggressive and they tend to be observant and keen as well. They appear to be quite diplomatic in their way of being and get along with other dogs too but they don’t get too attached to other dogs and owners though that doesn’t mean that they aren’t loyal.

As can be seen from these types of terrier dog breeds, every one of them has their own attitude, way of being and their own appearance as well. Even though they all belong to the terrier family, each one of them is very different. These are just some of the types of terrier dog breeds though there are many others out there.