Types Of Technology

What are the different types of technology? Technology is defined as the creation as well as the use of technical and mechanical needs to improve human life. Here, application and integration of designs are present. These will then be utilized and be made into devices that will make our lives easier. We all want to make our lives easier. This is why there are many different types of technology, each focusing on a certain field.

Teaching technologies are types of technology that focuses on the different improvements that are done to make teaching easier and more efficient. These are the different approaches that are used in instructing people. These approaches are designed systematically to include well defined objectives as well as precision instructional procedure to ensure knowledge and helpful information is getting taught to the students. Some examples of teaching types of technology include direct instruction, response prompting, behavioral analysis, and many others.

Instructional technologies are types of technology that involves designing, performing, and evaluating the entire teaching and learning process. In these types of technology, there are a set of objectives that are specifically implemented. These are based solely on research. Also, instructional types of technology employ a mix of both human and nonhuman resources so that effectiveness of instruction will be achieved. Some examples of these include videotapes, CADs or computer aided designs, computer aided instructions, hypermedia programs, and the like.

Assistive technologies are types of technology that makes use of the different services and devices that are designed to help the people who are experiencing disabilities to function normally within the entire environment. These are different types of technology that are used to make the lives of the people with disabilities better. Examples of these are eyeglasses, computer keyboards that have braille, switches that are adaptive, mobility scooters, and communication aids among others. The main goal of these kinds of technology are basically to assist disabled people in learning, to make the environment a lot more accessible to them, to enable them to compete competitively in their workplace, enhance drastically their independence, and overall increase the quality of life they are living.

Medical technologies are types of technology streamlined to aid in the different medical needs of the people. There are many surgeries that need enhancements, as you may know. The medical types of technology are part of the reason why there are procedures that make these surgeries better. You see, many people are dependent on the different medical kinds of technology to be able to stay alive as well as allow them to function normally without being in the hospital. This is why medical technology is important. Examples of medical technologies are artificial limbs to allow people walk normally when they have went through an amputation, cochlear implants to improve a person’s hearing when he has auditory nerve damage, respiratory devices that aids in supplying oxygen to the body, and many others.

Information technology is what provides us ways to access knowledge. It gives us resources to be able to connect to the world so we can get information. An example of this is the internet.