Types Of Tea

What are the different types of tea? Teas are aromatic beverages that are prepared by pouring hot water, sometimes even boiling, over cured leaves of plants that can be made into tea. There are many different types of tea, and their taste varies from bitter, cooling and some even say astringent flavors.

Black teas are the most common types of tea. These are types of tea that get color and flavor by a certain oxidation process, or fermenting. Normally, this natural process includes initial drying as well as leaves being rolled as soon as they are picked. These are the teas that have the highest caffeine content, but they are the types of tea that are known to be able to protect lungs from damages that are caused by smoking. Also, black teas are known to reduce risks of stroke.

Green teas, on the other hand, are types of tea that are made out of un-oxidized leaves. These types of teas are made by heating the leaves when they are picked. This process will destroy enzymes that will cause the oxidation. These types of tea also are often rolled so that flavor is released. Commonly, green teas are sweet. The best known characteristic of the green teas is that they have high antioxidant levels. Because of these antioxidants, green teas are known to bring about many good things to the person drinking it. These contain interfering with the growth of cancer of the stomach, breast, bladder, colon, and pancreas. Also, drinkers of green tea can have reduced risk of many neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases and they are known to improve levels of cholesterol.

White teas are types of tea that are the rarest. They are made from leaves that can only be picked at certain times of the year, mostly just a few weeks. The known authentic white teas are grown only in China, specifically in the Fujian province. The extraction process of the white teas is even kept a secret until this day. However, white teas are known to be the most potent versus cancer.

Oolong teas are types of tea that are from Taiwan and China. Oolong teas are also called black dragon. They are semi fermented and are a cross between the green teas and the white teas. The best thing about the oolong teas is that they have digestive properties that are very effective. Also, the oolong teas are known to bring down the levels of bad cholesterol.

There are many benefits that one can get from drinking teas. They are very healthy. This is why more and more people are starting to opt to drinking tea than coffee. Studies show that there are certain types of tea that prevent the complications of diabetes. There are also some types known to fight cold and flu. For instance, drinking hibiscus tea is known to bring down blood pressure and rooibos are known to fight cancer. Chamomile tea can prevent kidney damage, and Echinacea are among the teas that can fight the common cold.