Types Of Tapeworms

Tapeworms are harmful to the body and this is why it is important that we get to know the many types of tapeworms. You see, when you are familiar with the types of tapeworms, you can get to avoid getting them. You will know what to do if symptoms occur too. You will even know when symptoms show. This is why you should make sure that you are aware of the types of tapeworms.

Fish tapeworms are types of tapeworms that can be acquired by humans and other mammals from eating raw fish. There are many kinds of fishes that can get infected with these tapeworms. These types of tapeworms can grow up to 45 feet. There are no visible signs and symptoms that will show if you have these types of tapeworms until they come out in the stool.

Beef tapeworms are types of tapeworms that can be found in cattle. The cattle get infected when they graze at places and eat grass that has contamination of these tapeworms. Much like in the fish tapeworms, people can get beef tapeworms when they eat raw beef. Undercooked beef can also transmit these tapeworms to you so make sure that you eat your beef only cooked. The most prevalent of the symptoms of having these beef tapeworms include abdominal pain.

Pork tapeworms are, you guessed it right, tapeworms that are found in pork. Humans get these, as usual, when they eat undercooked or raw pork. Remember that these can be really bad parasites in your body. The lifespan of these tapeworms can reach up to 25 years. And much like the other types of tapeworms, there are no symptoms that will show that you have acquired them. On the other hand, if you acquired the pork tapeworms by ingesting contaminated water or food, you might get cysticercosis. This is a serious ailment as the tapeworms will hatch their eggs in the different parts of your body and cause problems there.

Rat tapeworms are among the smallest tapeworms. They can only affect rats, though. They are acquired by ingestion of insects that are contaminated with the tapeworms.

Dwarf tapeworms are the types of tapeworms that are prominent in human. They are the tapeworms that do not require the help of other animals to get transmitted to you. People can acquire these tapeworms when they get exposed to them – hand to mouth. These are the tapeworms that are commonly seen in children who like to eat pretty much everything that they touch. The most prevalent symptom of the dwarf tapeworm is diarrhea. As for the size, these tapeworms can grow up to 50 mm.

Tapeworms are parasites. You should do whatever you can to not get them. If you do, make sure that you do something about it right away before you experience the many different inconveniences of having parasites inside your body. Now that you know the types of tapeworms, you can easily look for the best possible treatment for your case.