Types Of Tablet PCs

Learn about Types Of Tablet PCs. Tablet computers are the smart devices that are using the latest technologies in them, these devices are using fast and high speed mobile applications in them. A simple tablet is a portable device that has a specific operating system and a touch screen that facilitates the efficient working of several tasks of the tablets. Different types of tablet Pc’s are found in the markets. Users are looking for eye catching applications and upgraded features with in a single device. Any types of tablet you use each operate its touch screen using a digital pen or a stylus. One can use a virtual keyboard that is inbuilt in the software’s installed in the tablets.

All types of tablet PC differ in color, shape and sizes. The brands of these portable devices also differ. Some brands offer new and exciting features in their portable devices that overcome the customer number of other tablets. One type of tablets is slate computers. These are just like slates and they have no keyboards. These tablets may have virtual keyboards installed in them. Slate computers are easy to handle with an external keyboard. LCD screen of these types of tablet pc’s is 14 inches maximum. They have installed windows and hardware systems are used in form of micro-chips that makes their size smaller and portable. These are the number 1 tablet types used by most of the costumers.

To browse internet, panning projects, email reading and audio displaying you have another best option then slate computes. Booklets are the types of tablet pc’s that provide all these features with their dual folded touch screen. As the name indicates these are easy to fold like a book and they have touch screens on both upper and lower pads. Displaying video and audio on a dual touch screen is easier. One screen and be made a virtual keyboard and the upper screen can be used as a touch screen just like a Laptop. Users who like to browse internet at any place can take these booklets along with them Enjoy browsing and daily event planning these tablets.

One of the enclosed casing booklets are convertibles. These notebooks have a keyboard that is attached to them. These folded types of tablet pc’s are lighter than a laptop but these are heavy then slate computers and booklets. A screen is rotatable. You can rotate it to maximum 180o. If is allowed to fold a keyboard after performing tasks. People who do not want to use keyboard for all the tasks can fold them after typing and performing important tasks. Expect this hybrid computer tablet is also available. You can use the features of slate computers and convertible devices in a single device. Hybrid tablet Pc’s has no keyboards like slate. But they have a detachable keyboard. With this it looks like a slate computer. When you attach this keyboard it looks like a convertible tablet. In all the above mentioned types of tablet pc’s keyboard and the touch screens are the two factors that can be compared. The price is another major feature that determines the market sale of these tablets.