Types Of Tablet Computers

What are the types of tablet computers? Classification of various types of tablet computers depends on very many factors be it the manufacturer, level of performance, its features, compatibility with other computer stems etc. Since the year 2000, technology market has been crowded with various types of tablet computers.

Just like ordinary desktops and laptops, the more expensive a tablet computer goes for the more powerful it is. This leads to a classification criteria in which various types of tablet computers on their ability to perform more complex and bulk of work. Design is also a very important variable in classification of various types of computer tables. For instance;

The slate tablets computer

These types of computer tablets have virtual keyboards as there is no dedicated keyboard attached to them. However, keyboards can be connected via Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports or wirelessly. These are the most popular types of computer tablets since they are rugged; can withstand rough handling, resist heat etc. These guarantee buyers of their durability. These are the simplest types of computer tablets.

The booklet tablet computers

As the name suggests, these types of tablet computers resembles ordinary books. They have dual screens. They come with variety of abilities e.g. pen writing recognition. This giver makes it ideal for various tasks such as note taking besides other ordinary services such as surfing and entertainment.

The convertible tablet computers

In these types of tablets computer, both the base and the top are joined by hinge. The degree of ether the top or the bottom moving solely depends on the type of hinge used. For instance, some can be rotated up to an angle of about 180 degrees. This makes it to be a little flexible as compared to the slate tablets computer. It can also take the form of a slate depending on the manufacturer.

On the other hand, these types of tablet computers are very delicate and therefore do not require rough handling as they can break. Moreover, a slate computer with the same features as the convertibles tablet computers will be cheaper.

Hybrid tablet computers

This is also another type of tablet computers. It shares the features of both the slate tablet computers and the convertible computers. It has a detachable keyboard thus being more flexible than the other types of tablet computers. Although slate tablet computers also have detachable keyboards, the difference comes in the degree of rotation. Their keyboards do not rotate.

This classification is only with regard to the form factor in which these various types of tablet computers come in.

The tablets architecture and the type of the operating system which it can support are also important in classification of various types of tablets in the market. The choice of the operating system will depend on the manufactures recommendations.

The widely used architectural designs in the manufacture of various types of tablet computers are the Intel x86 and the ARM architecture. The type of architecture chosen will always translate to the cost and performance of the type of tablet computer chosen However; more ideas are still being engineered to get the best tablet computer possible.