Types Of Strokes

What are the different types of strokes? Stroke is also called brain attack. They normally occur when blood clots transpire in the brain. Also, this can be caused by a blood vessel that interrupts blood flow in areas that are critical to the brain. Hence, the brain fails to function properly. There are many different types of strokes. These differ in characteristics, causes, and symptoms. However, they all lead to collapsing, sometimes with nausea, and in worst cases death.

The first of the many types of strokes is the ischemic stroke. The process of blood clotting is called ischemia. These are most of the times beneficial to our health. However, when the blood clotting becomes too fast or too slow they can cause blockage to the arteries. This can cause stroke. When this occurs, then a person is suffering from ischemic stroke.

Embolic stroke is the first of the two types of strokes under ischemic stroke. This happens when there is a blood clot that happens in the body. Most frequently, this blood clot happens in the heart. This blood clot will then travel to the brain and may cause the stroke when it blocks a blood vessel.

Thrombotic stroke is the second of the two types of strokes under ischemic stroke. Here, blood flow is usually impaired because of the blockage of one or even more arteries that are critical suppliers of blood to the brain. This process of bringing blood to the brain by the arteries is called thrombosis. Therefore, when this process is interrupted by a blood clot, a stroke may happen. These types of strokes are also called blood clot strokes. They can be the product of unhealthy blood vessels, too. These blood vessels will then clog and makes some sort of fatty deposit build up. This will then injure the walls of the blood vessels, cause blood clotting then eventually lead to a stroke.

There is also what we call large vessel thrombosis. These are types of strokes that happen in the large arteries. Among all the many types of strokes, this is the most common and the most understood. They are usually caused by rapid blood clot formation that travels to the brain. Most of the people who are diagnosed to have coronary artery disease are prone to having this. And most of these people die because of heart attacks.

Hemorrhagic strokes are types of strokes wherein a blowout of blood vessel is found. Here, the blood vessels in the brain suffer a blowout. Medically, the term blowout is called hemorrhaging. This can cause many other types of illnesses in the body such as high blood pressures as well as aneurysms.

Lastly, we have the small vessel diseases or the lacunar infarction. These are types of strokes that occur when small arterial vessels are blocked. The very small cavities of the arteries are blocked by certain blood clots that occur, causing strokes in the long run. Among all the many types of strokes, this is the one that is least known, as this is mostly just linked to hypertension.