Types Of Stroke

What are the different types of strokes? Stroke is something that we should not take lightly. There have been many people who suffered hard because of this and we wouldn’t want to have the same experience. There are actually three types of stroke, and knowing them will allow each of us to know how to deal with them. A stroke happens when the blood supply in the brain gets interrupted. It can be caused by different events, hence the different types. The effects also differ, as it depends on the part of the brain that got affected by the stroke itself.

The first of the three types of stroke is the ischemic stroke. This type of stroke is caused by an artery going to the brain getting blocked. There are many different reasons for an ischemic stroke. There are some diseases that can cause an artery to the brain to get blocked. Among the many reasons would be the narrowing of arteries in the head or neck. You see, when the arteries are narrow, it can be easy to get blocked and therefore may lead to stroke. Another common cause of these types of stroke would be a blockage in the heart. People with irregular heartbeat can be prone to this. Aside from these two, some other causes of ischemic stroke would be dangerous drugs, blood clotting disorders and blood vessel injuries. Among all the types of stroke this is the most common. In a year 88% of the 55,000 men and women who experiences stroke suffer from this certain type.

The second of the three types of stroke is the intracerebral hemorrhage. This type is mainly characterized with a bursting blood vessel in the head, which then leaks inside the brain itself. The will them increase the pressure in the brain which then leads to the damage of brain cells. The intracerebral hemorrhage is usually caused by hypertension, when blood pressure suddenly gets too high the blood vessels are not able to handle it. But there are some other causes. This type of stroke can also be caused by tumors, infections, and trauma.

The third and last of the types of stroke is the subarachnoid hemorrhage. This type happens when a blood vessel outside the brain gets ruptured. This will then cause the skull area around the brain to get flooded with blood and eventually lead to stroke. Some people define this type of stroke to begin as a very bad headache. It will then lead to nausea and can cause unconsciousness and death. This type of stroke is usually caused by cerebral aneurysms. They make the arteries swell, causing them to become weak and, in the long run, rupture.

The age groups of people who experience strokes differ too. Although the older people are more prone to it, there are also some instances when younger people experience this as well. Therefore, no matter how old or how young you are, a proper diet should always be your priority. You see, whatever it is that you intake can affect your body – sooner or later. Thus, you should always make sure that you take care of your health to ensure you do not suffer from a stroke.