Types Of Storage Devices

What are the different types of storage devices? These days, we are always in front of our computers and other personal gadgets. We have important files and documents that are stored in there that we need to often move around and bring to places. This called for the need for the many types of storage devices.

Flash drives are among the most portable storage devices. They are small and are usually called thumb drives. They are also called USB drives because you can connect them to your computer via the Universal Serial Bus or the USBs. Due to their size, almost everyone has these types of storage devices. The first flash drives can store data of just somewhere around 512MB. But these days, you will be able to find flash drives that will store data of up to 1 Terabyte.

Some other types of storage devices that are portable are external hard drives. You see, your computer have hard drives to store your data and files. But sometimes, no matter how huge hard drives are, they are still not enough. When you are using different computers most of the time, it is helpful that you have external hard drives. These are the types of storage devices that work exactly like hard drives but are, well, external. You can bring them along wherever you may go and connect them to different computers usually through USB ports as well. At present, the size of the external hard drives can go up to 2 terabytes.

Smart cards are types of storage devices that are usually used by small gadgets and devices such as smart phones and tablets. These are much smaller than the flash drive. They come in many different storage sizes as well that can go up to 2GB. Did you know that these days, printers and even photocopy machines have their own smart cards to temporarily store the information about the things you will print? Yes, this is how far these types of storage devices have evolved into.

Given that we are in the internet age already, many service providers now offer us online back up or remote back up. These are types of storage devices that are online. You see, because we have our important data and information in our computers, there is a small risk that we lose them because our computers might just get damaged. However, when we are able to store our files online, they are kept in a remote server usually halfway around the world so that when our personal machines get damaged, we can still have our important files by simply downloading them.

Lastly, we still have CDs and DVDs. These are one of the first portable types of storage devices that are available. You see, before we have the diskettes. But they have proven to be unreliable. The CDs and DVDs, however, are more reliable although they are permanent. If you want a less permanent storage solution that is as portable, then you can get yourself rewritable CDs and DVDs. They are the same as your ordinary CDs and DVDs, but you can reuse them.