Types Of Squash

Squashes generally refer to four species of genes Cucurbit, some species called as marrow. Gourds were from families same as squashes. Different types known for squashes are zucchini and pumpkin. Squash Giant has been originated from Cucurbit maxima. There are many health benefits of squashes depending upon the various types and purposes. Majorly squash are divided into two main categories; winter squash and summer squash. Winter squashes are round and ova shaped little pointing downwards and have yellow-orange color while summer squash are little round shaped and take less time to grow then winter squash. Here are some of the types of squash for summer and winter which are discussed in detail.

Fruit Squash

This is among those types of squash which are easily found in supermarkets. As its name suggests, squash winter is small and round shaped like fruit. One of a baking favorite, it has to slice halves and fill with butter to give a unique taste. A squash has weighs from 1 to 3 pounds and are sweet and flesh fibrous.

Amber cup squash

These are among those types of squash which resembles a lot with buttercup squash. It is flesh bright orange with a sweet and dry taste. Peel it cube, flesh of, roast it, and serve as cubed potatoes. It has a large storage life which keeps it fresh and juicy.

Banana squash

Its shapes and features resemble a lot from banana. It grows up to two feet in length, about six inch diameter. Bright orange flesh, their finely-textured is sweet. Squash banana is often cut into very small steps.

Buttercup squash

Squash Buttercup is part of a family of squash Turban and has a turban like shape. It has flesh orange sweet and creamy taste and texture. Squash is much sweeter than other winter types of squash. Buttercup squash can be baked, mashed, well, steamed, simmered, or stuffed and can replace Sweet Potatoes very easily. It enhances the taste and quality of food when cooked.

Fairy tale pumpkin squash

In French it is known as ‘Musquee de Provence’. It is beautiful and that fairytale type pumpkin used in Cinderella story. It have thick and fleshy orange flavor very sweet, thick and firm. It takes 115 to 125 days to change its color and get that orange yellow cheese like texture. This vegetable is usually used for baking. It can make amazing baked dishes and also fits well with cooking recipes.

Turban squash

It is named for its shape. Turban squash have bright orange, green or white color. It epidermis is golden yellow and the taste is highly similar to hazelnut. It can be served with different types of soup or desserts. It can make mouthwatering pumpkin pie.

These were only few types of squash; there are many other varieties of squash available in the market which differs from one another because of their difference in color, taste and texture. Every type of squash has its own health benefits and can be used in different purposes.