Types Of Spiders

Types of Spiders

Spiders are the creepy crawlies that make up a huge part of the arachnid family of arthropods. Although arthropods generally have bodies segmented into three portions adjoined to three pairs of legs, spiders are visibly distinguished, bearing eight legs and two body segments. Typically, spiders are carnivorous in nature, having predatory instincts and dwellings in dark crooks and crannies. Moreover, what all types of spiders usually have in common is the unique ability to produce thin, silken webs with the special endowment on the back of their bodies. The largest of the arachnid family, there are many types of spiders. Some of them are as follows:

Cobweb Spiders: Black Widow Spiders

These types of spiders are called thus as they are black all over their approximately 4 inch bodies, except for very conspicuous red spots on the underside of their abdomens. These types of spiders are also recognized by the haphazard structure of the web they weave. Furthermore, black widows are not very specific in their diet: any sort of insects can do for them. Black Widow Spiders are; moreover, notorious as the most dangerous spiders of the world, as they have the biggest venom glands.

Brown Recluse Spiders

These spiders (also called the Violin Spiders) are large in size and easily distinguished by their appearance. These types of spiders are much as dangerous as the Black Widow Spiders; their stings causing allergies and various other malignant results. Brown Recluse Spiders, as the name suggests, are usually brown in colour (although their colour may vary from cream to ash) and they have unique markings on their head and thorax area that closely resemble a fiddle, thus their other name. These types of spiders also tend to thrive in secluded places.

Funnel Web Spiders

Funnel Webs are typically the spiders shown in children’s cartoon movies: we are all too familiar with their funnel shaped webs. These types of spiders are black and may be large or small. They are usually found in shrubs, stumps or tree trunks and are said to be another one of the world’s most dangerous spiders. Their homes are lined with silken webs; moreover, the webs of these types of spiders are shaped in funnels with two openings. It is there, the funnel web waits for its prey.

Crab Spiders

Found in gardens, plants and other vegetations, these types of spiders are hardly harmful as compared to their other family members. They are either brown or greenish in colour and have prominently long front legs with shorter back legs. The long front legs help them snare and eat their prey which includes butterflies and other garden pests. Moreover, they do not spin webs: rather, they live in their green homes as long as they get their food.

Cellar Spiders (Daddy Longlegs)

As we can guess from the name, cellar spiders are found in homes and attics, and other interiors. These are the most harmless types of spiders as they do not bite maliciously as their other counterparts, in fact they do as a favour by eating a more dangerous type along with pesky pests and insects. They have long legs that aid them in spinning webs, from which they hang upside down. Moreover, cellar spiders use extremely ingenious methods to catch their preys.