Types Of Software Used In Business

Every business has various types of software used in business to work in a proper and effective manner, Nowadays; types of software used in business are in accordance with the need of the business and its size and working procedure.

Some of the types of software used in business are as follows:

Marketing software: This type of software includes the different ways of marketing of the product, marketing software are based on the type of business for example: if it is an e-commerce making business than the e-commerce software is used where the marketing tools are used which are practical in nature and are auto generated by selling the product online. If the business is in the form of business to business or business to customer than various other types of software used in business which includes software for raising the invoice, tracking the material or the progress of the project etc. some of the marketing software is used to track the dispatched material .

Billing software: this type of software we can see in our daily life it is being used by various stores to generate bills of the products purchased by the customers, this software uses a bar code reader which itself generated the actual rate of the product purchased by the customer, these software proves to be time saving and in return helps to sort out the crowd to accumulate at the billing counters of the stores. These types of software used in business have proved very helpful to small scale business people who have a small space and could not accommodate a large number of customers.

HR Software: this type of software is used by the HR department of any business unit to keep track with employees of the organization, an HR software consists of ERP software which is used to track the performance of an individual employee of the organization, this software helps the HR manager to keep a track record of the employee and to take decision at the time of performance appraisal. Software used by the HR department of an organization is a time management software which keeps the record of sign in and sign out of every employee of the organization which helps the manager to keep the track record of the employee’s punctuality and sincerity towards work. Software for documentation is also used by the HR department to save time and space. Employees are asked to fill the feedback forms or performance areas and achievements through the ERP software to save the time of both the employee and the HR department. Types of software used in business have proved to be time saving and effective working.

Finance and accounting software: finance and accounting software are used to generate payroll of the employees, tax reports etc., tally is one of the finance and accounting software which helps in keeping a record of the financial transactions in the organization. There are various other software which is used for the proper records of financial and accounting matters of the organization, theses software’s are used to generate the balance sheet and profit and loss status of the organization which in turn helps in knowing the profitability index of the organization/business.

The software has proven to be a very helpful tool for a business to work effectively and efficiently.