Types Of Software Development Models

In the world of today, science and technology has played an important role in coming up with different types of software development models and each of these is useful in their own way. Each of these can be used to modify, create, alter or develop software for devices and each one of these is used by different companies for different reasons and purposes and to meet their goals. The companies decide to go for one of these types of software development models according to these set goals.

The waterfall model is one the most used and common types of software development models. Where this is concerned, the company would go step by step so that when one part of the process is complete, they go on to the next. They would then, analyze the previous step and to see how successful it is/was and then, move on to the next one. So, if, for example the company is developing software it would first work on the design of the software and after the designing part is complete and the company is satisfied, they move on to the next step. A sort of review is carried out before moving in to the next step every time and only once the company is sure that the previous step was performed well, they move on to the next one.

Then, there are those types of software development models that were combined with the waterfall model and one example of these is the spiral model. The use of rapid prototype methodology and the waterfall methods combined form the spiral model. What happens in this case is that quadrants are made and these quadrants consist of plan formulations in order to implement the targets set for the software. After this risk analysis is carried out to check out the risks that are present and they are then eliminated before the project is implemented. Software developers have the expertise and know-how regarding how to analyze any software and to ensure that the model would be successful.

The agile approach is the most modern of all types of software development models and it usually stresses upon the importance of feedback given by people regarding how to work upon the software and better it for people who would like to use it. This way the software is made more efficient and being people-centric it would take the views of the users into account and the best part is that it is easy to implement and one is able to make use of software via the use of these types of software development models, sooner than later. Where other types of software development models are concerned, it takes a lot more time because of the fact that one needs to review each and every step on their own before coming up with the final product.

Though some of these types of software development models take time to develop the model, the good part is that they easy to understand and they are the most widely used methods as well when it comes to software development.