Types Of Skin Rashes

Discover the types of skin rashes you can get! Rashes are not considered as one of a severe disease, in-fact it is just an outbreak of skin that causes itching, irritation, inflammation and change of color of outer epidermis. It changes the normal look of a skin as well as it causes dryness and itching. Rashes are caused due to bacterial, fungal or viral attack to your skin. Though it is not a severe kind of disease, but it can become perilous if doesn’t take into consideration on time. If you don’t know the nature of skin rashes and its symptoms you might end up making it more worst. Different types of skin rashes, its symptoms and treatment, are listed below.

Seborrheic dermatitis:

It is one of the most common types of skin rashes usually occur on the face and its surrounding areas. It causes dryness and eruption of outer epidermis of face. It causes redness on forehead, cheeks, eyebrows and ears. It can be cured by antifungal medicines and antidandruff shampoos for scalps. The major cause of this type of skin rashes is sleep deprivation, stress or exhaustion.

Contact dermatitis:

This one the types of skin rashes that are caused due to contact with some substances to which the person is allergic to. It can be some chemicals, dust or any metal. This occurs to that part of skin which gets in contact with allergic material. This type of skin rashes causes intense itching and redness. Common cause of contact dermatitis is due to different cosmetics, which contains many artificial colors and chemicals. The best way to avoid such types of skin rashes is using good quality products, cosmetics and jewelry.

Atopic dermatitis:

This is one of the most common types of skin rashes which are usually known as eczema. It affect the inner part of elbow, knees and ankles, it can also affect cheeks, wrist and neck. It causes redness, dryness and extreme itching in these parts. It can occur to kids as well as adults; the probability of this type of skin rashes is on those people who have asthma problem.

Bacterial infection:

Bacterial infection comes under such types of skin rashes that occur more frequently to many people. It might be very small and not very serious type of rashes, but it can become a severe problem if left unattended. It occurs to a small part of a body and spread throughout in the form of pimples and puss filled rashes. Some of the bacterial infection is immune to antibiotics, so if you are suffering from such types of skin rashes then contact doctor as soon as possible and have a proper treatment before it becomes vivacious.


It is very cryptic types of skin rashes it occurs due to several different reasons and to identify the correct reason of this skin problem is heck of a task for doctors. It can be caused due to some allergies, family history, insect bite, food, chemical exposure and heat exposure. It causes redness and inflammation in a skin. It can be cured easily too with different medicines and cool compresses.